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Nominees Announced For the 13th Annual Portland Area Musical Theatre Awards

Nominees Announced For the 13th Annual Portland Area Musical Theatre Awards

Nominees have been announced for the 13th Annual Portland Area Musical Theatre Awards. The ceremony will take place on Youtube, June 14 at 7pm.

The PAMTAS are produced by Three-Time Tony Award winner and long-time Oregon resident Corey Brunish.

Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role

Jordan Waters- West Side Story- Stumptown

Collin Carver- Once- BRTC

Matthew Henry Curl- Once -BRTC

Andrew Maldarelli -Once- BRTC

Laurence Cox- Yeoman of the Guard -Mock's Crest

Austin Comfort- Into the Woods- BRTC

Kevin-Michael Moore- How I Became A Pirate -NWCT

John Ellingson- Matilda -NWCT

Heath Koerschagen- How I Became A Pirate- NWCT

Outstanding Set Design

Demetri Palvatos- Mamma Mia -Stumptown

Sean O'Skea---Footloose -BRTC

Demetri Palvatos --West Side Story -Stumptown

John Ellingson- Matilda -NWCT

Emily Wilkin -- Footloose -- BRTC

Outstanding Costume Design

Margaret Louise Chapman- Mamma Mia -- Stumptown

Jamie Hammon -Once -BRTC

Darrin J. Pufall Purdy -Into the Woods -BRTC

Allison Dawe- Footloose -BRTC

Mary Eggers- Matilda -NWCT

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role

Lisamarie Harrison- Blood Brothers -Triangle

Danielle Valentine- Up and Away -BRTC

Anna Galavis -Yeoman of the Guard -Mock's Crest

Margo Shembre-Yeoman of the Guard -Mock's Crest

Kayla Dixon- Footloose- BRTC

Camille Trinka -Matilda -NWCT

Elizabeth Hadley- Mamma Mia- Stumptown

Brooke Moltrum- Matilda -Lakewood

Chrissy Kelly-Pettit -Footloose- BRTC

Outstanding Light Design

Mako Barmon -Mamma Mia -Stumptown

David Castaneda- Into the Woods -BRTC

Harrison Moye -West Side Story -Stumptown

Mark LaPierre -Rocky Horror Show-- Lakewood

Carl Faber -Once -BRTC

Outstanding Sound Design

Brian Karl Moen- Once- BRTC

Brian Karl Moen -Footloose- BRTC

Brian Karl Moen -Into the Woods- BRTC

Brian Karl Moen -Up and Away -BRTC

Gordon Romei -Matilda -Lakewood

Meg Slaughter -Mamma Mia- Stumptown

Rory Brishears -West Side Story- Stumptown

Jake Newcomb -Matilda- NWCT

Outstanding Young Performer; Male

Jarod Beideck- Shrek -Journey

Sam Cohen -How I Became a Pirate -NWCT

Brock Woolworth- Matilda- Lakewood

Titus Forstrom- Newsies -Journey

Clayton Lukens -- Newsies -- Journey

Skylar Derthick -- Newsies -- Journey

Outstanding Young Performer; Female

Rebecca Barnes- Shrek -Journey

Riley Holmes- How I Became A Pirate- NWCT

Cora Craver- Matilda- Lakewood

Jorja Reed -Matilda - Lakewood

Ella Carson- Matilda NWCT

Sophie Fletcher -- Annie -- Sherwood

Outstanding Orchestra

Mamma Mia



West Side Story


Outstanding Musical Director

Eric Nordin- Once- BRTC

Tracy Ross -How I Became A Pirate-- NWCT

Mak Kastelic -Footloose -BRTC

Darcy White -Rocky Horror Show -Lakewood

Andrew Bray- Matilda -Lakewood

Adam Joseph Young- West Side Story- Stumptown

Outstanding Musician

Special Award

Outstanding Breakthrough

Special Award

Outstanding Choreography

Christopher George Patterson- West Side Story- Stumptown

Christopher George Patterson- Mamma Mia- Stumptown

Peggy Taphorn -Footloose- BRTC

Jessica Wallenfels -Into the Woods -BRTC

Chelsea Nicole Lapp- Newsies -Journey

Dan Murphy -Up and Away -BRTC

Dustin Brown- Matilda-NWCT

Diana Schultz- Hair -Staged!

Outstanding Ensemble


Into the Woods-BRTC

Newsies -Journey

Footloose -BRTC

Matilda -NWCT

Outstanding Original Score

That's No Lady - Jonathan Quesenberry, Don Horn, Rody Ortega, Jeff Sanders, Marv and Rindy Ross, Wesley Bowers, Storm Large

Outstanding Original Song

Every Show is a Love Song -Don Horn/Storm Large

Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Lead Role

Calvin Lieurance - Footloose- BRTC

Andy Lindberg - Matilda - Lakewood

Colin Stephen Kane - Up and -Away- BRTC

Morgan Hollingsworth- Once- BRTC

Adam Elliott Davis - South Pacific- Clackamas

Eric Michael Little- Into the Woods- BRTC

Alexander Trull -Yeoman of the Guard- Mock's Crest

Norman Wilson- Rocky Horror Show -Lakewood

Kevin-Michael Moore- Matilda - NWCT

Eric Osakawa- Footloose- BRTC

Outstanding Director of an Original Show

Dan Murphy- It Happened One Christmas- BRTC

Brandon Woolley- That's No Lady-Triangle

Outstanding Original Show

That's No Lady -Triangle

It Happened One Christmas - BRTC

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Lead Role

Jaqueline Mallene- Mamma Mia -Stumptown

Caitlin Brooke- Blood Brothers -Triangle

Leah Yorkston- Into the Woods -BRTC

Kailey Rhodes- Into the Woods- BRTC

Tina Mascaro- West Side Story -Stumptown

Marissa Neitling- Once- BRTC

Stephanie Heuston-Willing- Matilda -Lakewood

Kelly Sina -South Pacific -Clackamas

Malia Tippets-Footloose - BRTC

Erin Tamblyn - Into the Woods-BRTC

Outstanding Director

Dan Murphy -Up and Away -BRTC

Isaac Lamb -Once -BRTC

Andres Alcala -How I Became A Pirate -NWCT

Peggy Taphorn- Footloose- BRTC

John Oules -Rocky Horror Show -Lakewood

Jessica Wallenfels -Into the Woods- BRTC

Caleb Thurston -Newsies -Journey

Sarah Jane Hardy- Matilda- NWCT

Rebecca Lingafelter- Melancholy Play: A Chamber Musical -Third Rail

Liz Bertsch -- Oliver! -- Eastside

Outstanding Production


Into the Woods



West Side Story

Mamma Mia

Rocky Horror Show

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