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Ella Enchanted at The Rose Theater


10/25/2019 - 11/10/2019


The Rose Theater

2001 Farnam St
Omaha,NE 68102
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Phone: 4025024623

Ella Enchanted in Omaha

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Ella enjoys an enchanted but complicated life in the kingdom of Frell. When her well-meaningbut self-centeredfairy godmother, Lucinda, bestows a gift of obedience on Ella, she fails to consider the complicated consequences. Ellas mother warns her to never tell others of her "gift, but when her mother is gone, her often absent father, Sir Peter, remarries. Soon Ella finds herself shipped off to finishing school and at the mercy of self-serving stepsisters who sniff-out her secret. Will Ellas true talent for learning languagesand a developing friendship with Prince Charmontallow her to curtail the curse of her unwanted gift and live a life not controlled by others? This brand-new musical adaptation of a modern fairytale favorite offers a tried-and-true kind of storytelling with a tart, and thought-provoking, twist!

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