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WET PAINT New Play Festival Announced At New Ohio Theatre


WET PAINT New Play Festival Announced At New Ohio Theatre

In only it's second year, the Wet Paint - New Play Festival has managed to round up B'way veterans (Johanna Leister, Layan Elwazani), TV stars (Christopher Shyer, Rachel Handler), & Amazon Best-Selling authors (Edward Medina) to participate in a barebones development series of short-performances. This year's festival has a theme: Walls, and with that theme, Point-Blank Theatre Co. received a unique submission. William Hobbs, a member of Voices Inside, an inmate writing/theatre program at Northpoint Training Center in KY, submitted his play, A Spider's Web and was accepted among dozens of NYC playwright applicants.

Wet Paint's selection committee chose the 10 short-plays listed below, to be presented along with a special event on Oct. 11th: an immersive social experiment based on Ron Jones' THE WAVE.

The festival's Founding Artistic Director, Jon Logan Kovach, says "you won't regret checking us out, you might regret missing us, though..."

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Sept. 26th, Sept. 28th, & Oct. 4th* @ 8p
Big Date by Cary Gitter, dir. Abigail Jean-Baptiste, featuring Kate Crescenzo & Alexandra Castro
Zoe is so excited about tonight's double-date. Ana has other things on her mind; it is January 19,' 17 after all. Not sure why that's significant? Neither does Zoe, and that's the problem.

6 by Dylan James Amick, dir. Edward Medina, featuring Melissa Canaday
It's either thin walls or noisy neighbors, but Taylor doesn't mind. It brings Taylor peace, if anything. Makes Taylor wonder if we are ever alone even in our own apartment.

ReRoute by Stefani Kuo, dir. Victoria Davidjohn, featuring Morgan Jade Booker, Bennie Brown, & Jesse Koehler
Teddy needs Mozart & Aggie needs to post to Instagram so Diego & Silo appear to fix their internet. Once it's up, they blast Donald Glover because... Teddy and Aggie are black.

Solace by Joe McDonough, dir. Marissa Molnar, featuring Ellen Ko & Malcolm Opoku.
Mouse & Bird speak through the wall and laugh together about things that cannot be taken away from them. Sure, they can take the cot. They can take the bucket, and the cricket. But they can't take everything.

Nana by Logan Kovach, dir. Layan Elwazani, featuring Johanna Leister, Christopher Shyer, & Patrick Tombs
Nana wakes in a hospital room to a note from her grandson, Derek, "welcome back!" Nana finds this hilarious. Julian, her son, doesn't. Nana wants to leave, Julian won't allow it. Derek asks if Nana saw Grandpa, who died three years ago. Julian declares no more questions until the entire family arrives. *NANA will perform Oct. 3rd instead of Oct. 4th*

Sept. 27th, Oct. 3rd*, & Oct. 5th @ 8p
Jack Pork by Donna Hoke, dir. Leslie Weishaar, featuring Veronique Hurley, Mat Labotka, Hunter Frederick, & Mike McNulty
Why is director Pete toning down TV star Jack Pork's sexual appeal, and featuring Cassie's front and center?

A Simple Equation by Nathan Leigh, dir. Logan Kovach, featuring Devon Ahmed & Rachel Handler
Every day, Tir & Mala walk up to the line. Push the button. There's a click. Then some whirrs. Then the slot opens, and food comes out. Today, they ask for extra rations. *A SIMPLE EQUATION will perform Oct. 4th instead of Oct. 3rd.*

A Spider's Web by William Hobbs, dir. Judson Jones, featuring Ollie Corchado, Logan Kovach & Jerry Colpitts
Spider laughs when the counselor asks how the prison walls make him feel. Tank, pushing seventy-nine & hanging on for parole has a much different reaction. **William Hobbs is a member of Voices Inside, an inmate writing/theatre program at Northpoint Training Center in KY.**

Toxic by Rachel Bublitz, dir. A.C. Horton, featuring Katie Langham, & Michaela Tropeano.
Chris is not scared of his mom knowing that he threw a football at coach's head on purpose for being a pussy, and Sandy didn't dump him, he dumped Sandy, OK? So why is Chris all torn up over some roadkill?

El Mauerkrankheit by J. Stephen Brantley, dir. Nicole Orabona, featuring Victoria Ford & Ashley Kristeen Vega
In the year 2023, a young Latina professional returns to her childhood home on the U.S.-Mexico border where her ailing mother lives in the shadow of a sixteen-foot wall. Could it be the wall itself that is making her sick?

Friday Oct. 11th @ 8p- Special Event:
THE WAVE by Ron Jones, featuring Logan Kovach
An immersive social experiment

a??Discipline, community, action, & pride must be experienced to be understood, so Mr. Jones leads his classroom (you & your peers) in activities on the aforementioned. Dare to find out if you sacrifice small individual freedoms for large collective goals?

Based on a true story, The Wave reflects a 1967 social experiment that spiraled out of control. Premiering in Cincy Fringe Festival '13, this production continued it's development at Bay Street Theatre, The Tank-NYC, Know Theatre, SD Fringe, The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, & at high schools across the Mid-west. Ron Jones & his students (participants in the actual 1967 event) have assisted in this show's development.

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