Gemini CollisionWorks celebrates its 15th year creating indie theater with another season of plays both old and new. These plays and eventstake trips around the world while remaining firmly, as usual with GCW, in thelandscape of the inner mind.

THE COLLISIONWORKS will feature three plays, plus a special event:

written by Ian W. Hill

Performed by Eric C. Bailey*, Alyssa Simon*, Ivanna Cullinan*, Aja Houston*, ChristianToth, David Arthur Bachrach*, Samantha Erenberger, Jack Schaub, Nicholas Miles Newton, Rasha Zamamiri*, Olivia Baseman*, Anna Stefanic, and Stephanie Willing.
*appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association

A new full-length play about an aging novelist who has reached the end of wordsand is ready to be done with his work, but who finds that his words don't feellike ending and his work isn't done with him. On the day he announces his retirement, his fictions rise up against him and take over not only his workbut his life.

A multi-genre/multi-media fantasy on how your sausage-Art gets made, as analmost-stock living-room marriage comedy tears itself apart to become a 1970s detective-spy thriller in the “foreign country” of Bäckløtistaan, a combination of every Hollywood cliche there has ever been about the rest of the world. Nabokov meets The Firesign Theatre meets Mission:Impossible on the set of a George S. Kaufman play, if that’s even possible.

The run time is 1 hour 50 minutes (including one intermission).

COLLISIONWORKS also includes a double bill of two plays:

written by David Finkelstein & Ian W. Hill

Performed by Samantha Erenberger, Rasheed Hinds, Ian W. Hill, Roger Nasser, Michael McKim*, and Alyssa Simon*.
*appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association

The world is ending, time zoneby time zone. A group of wealthy tourists, able to jump across the stratospherefrom city to city, apparently at will, are staying just ahead of the death anddestruction, trying to ignore it and have one last party before the end comes.But they cannot escape their own fears nor the resentment of the citizens ofthe cities they have plundered for so long as they move from Rome to Madrid toeventually . . . Detroit? Time's upgentlemen.

The run time is 20 minutes.

Written by Richard Foreman (revived in full production for the first time since its publication in 1977)

Performedby Cara Moretto, Amy Overman, Rasheed Hinds, Stephen Heskett, Alyssa Simon*, Roger Nasser, Paul Murillo, Samantha Erenberger, and Michael McKim*.
*appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association.

Rhoda, the famous painter, hates her own work, and herself for being so successful with such empty work. She travels by train across Europe with her entourage of frenemies, trying toignore the Dashing But Ominous Gentleman who wishes only to put her in touchwith the Space Aliens that will finally give her the information she needs tobe successful as an artist and as a person. A hallucination of locomotives, flowers, books, flying saucers, bizarreluggage, and non-gratuitous nudity.

The run time is 50 minutes.

In addition, COLLISIONWORKS will feature a special event:

Videos by David Finkelstein/Lake Ivan Performance Group

Live performance by David Finkelstein & Ian W. Hill

Ian W. Hill of GCW has been collaboratingwith David Finkelstein of Lake Ivan Performance Group for the last four years as aperformer in a duet form of improvisation that Finkelstein has created and beenworking in for over 20 years. Recently, Finkelstein has been videotaping theseimprovisations against green screen and using them as the basis for a series ofwildly imaginative videos in which the original dialogue inspires countlesslevels of shifting, hallucinatory images, sound, and music.

Aprevious improvisation and video, Marvelous Discourse, was the basis of Gemini CollisionWorks's 2009 production SACRIFICIAL OFFERINGS, which took theoriginal dialogue and re-imagined it with an actual location and cast ofcharacters, and this year's play INVINCIBLE CITY Inthis one-time only performance/event, Finkelstein & Hill will perform alive piece of improvisational theater, followed by two of the Lake Ivan videoscreated from their work: 2010's EPISTOLARY FUSILLADES and the public premiere of INVINCIBLE CITY (2012).

The run time is 75 minutes.

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