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One Million Musicals Presents LADY JANE'S RADIO TAKEOVER

Lady Jane's Radio Takeover Stars Maggie Bera, Aaron Phillips, Stoney B. Mootoo, Jennifer Holcombe, Taylor Fagins, Jacob Ben-Shmuel, CJ Greer and more.

One Million Musicals Presents LADY JANE'S RADIO TAKEOVER

One Million Musicals has released their new podcast musical today, Lady Jane's Radio Takeover! Lady Jane's Radio Takeover features book and lyrics by Jacob Ben-Shmuel and Alan Blake Bachelor, music by Jacob Ben-Shmuel, and orchestrations, arrangements, and additional music by Daniel Klintworth. Directed by Jacob Ben-Shmuel and produced by Jacob Ben-Shmuel and Travis Cook Johnson, Lady Jane's Radio Takeover stars Maggie Bera, Aaron Phillips, Stoney B. Mootoo, Jennifer Holcombe, Taylor Fagins, Jacob Ben-Shmuel, CJ Greer, Alan Blake Bachelor, Jaron Barney, Kevin Clay, CJ Pawlikowski, Daniel Fetter, Chris Lewis, Adante Carter, Corey Jones, Aaron Alcaraz, Kevin Schuering, Dan Klintworth, and James Bachelor.

Listen below!

The year is 1958, and WXYZ is the hottest teen hits station in New York City. Jane, who dreams of making a career as a singer, works as a coffee girl for Straight-Laced Steve, the station's number one DJ. Steve is obsessed with playing the same safe, tired hits night after night. After years of trying and failing to establish herself in the music business, Jane decides to take matters into her own hands. She locks herself in the booth and broadcasts her own songs to the world, flipping the station upside-down. Four musicals down...

...999,996 MUSICALS TO GO


One Million Musicals is a podcast that began with a simple dream... A dream to write and produce ONE MILLION Podcast musicals and release them for the world to hear! Is this dream absurd? A fantasy? Perhaps, but that's what makes it so darn exciting.

The idea sparked to life in September of 2020, when two friends and intrepid explorers began plotting their course through the annals of musical podcast history. Their names were (and are) Jacob Ben-Shmuel and Alan Blake Bachelor, and on this journey of a lifetime, they discovered a hole in the center of their beloved artform. Had there been musical podcasts before? Sure. But never had they been crafted quickly, released consistently, and filled to the brim with all-ages goofs, gaffs, and gags! And never with a goal so arbitrary and unrealistic. Well, all of that was about to change. They saw their chance, and they jumped at it.

The two friends summoned a team of elite musical operatives from the farthest reaches of Broadway, Films and TV, and they began to write. A few days later they had a script, and in a matter of weeks, they had recorded, edited and completed their first podcast musical. Number One out of One Million.

But they did not stop there, or didn't you realize? For this, dear friends, is musical number FOUR!!!


WXYZ Recording Booth, New York City, 1958

"Teen Sock Hop Sweetheart"__ Alvin Flang and His Golden Retrievers

"123"_________________________________________ Pelvis Essley

"She is Me"_______________________________________ Lady Jane

"Hey! You! Do You Like My New Car?"____________ The Say La Vees

"The Girl at Schlomo's Deli"_____ Bennie Berstein and the Seven Seas

"Sunny Blue"____________________________________ Sunny Blue

"I Have to Say Goodbye"____________________________ Lady Jane



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