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SCTC Returns to In-Person Theatre with The Regional Premiere of Quiara Alegrîa Hudes' DAPHNE'S DIVE


The company has chosen an Interim Artistic Director to replace Raymond Croce, Sr., retiring Artistic Director.

SCTC Returns to In-Person Theatre with The Regional Premiere of Quiara Alegrîa Hudes' DAPHNE'S DIVE

South Camden Theatre Company and the Waterfront South Theatre in Camden, NJ will once again reopening to live audiences. The production, the regional premiere of Quiara Alegrîa Hudes' "Daphne's Dive" will open to live, in-person audiences on September 10, 2021. To learn more about this, please read more online:

The company has chosen an Interim Artistic Director to replace Raymond Croce, Sr., retiring Artistic Director. The Interim Artistic Director position will be filled by actor, director, musician, and teacher Dawn Varava. Dawn is a graduate of the Hartt School of Music and Rowan University for Theatre. She is currently an Equity actor and has performed on the SCTC stage in several past productions, including "The Savannah Sipping Society" and "Gemini". Dawn's guidance will be key as the company embarks on its first post-Covid live productions. She told us, "I'm very excited to be taking over the reign's of South Camden Theatre Company. I've always held a very special place in my heart for the Company, its mission in Camden, and for the professional work they put on their stage." Outgoing Artistic Director, Ray Croce was excited to nominate her at the August board meeting and immediately following the vote and meeting took Dawn to the second floor offices to show her her desk with its extensive collection of plays.

"Daphne's Dive" by Quiara Alegrîa Hudes is being directed by Joel Guerrero and is the third production of the 2021 season of American stories. This show takes place in a tucked away corner bar in North Philly where Daphne and her vibrant, eclectic regulars drink to art, politics, and life. This is the second show the company has produced by Hudes. The first, "Water by the Spoonful," was the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, and was produced on the SCTC stage in January 2017. Joel tells us, "The opportunity to help tell one of Hudes stories has always been a personal desire of mine. She has proven through all of her work that she is an ultimate storyteller. It's also my first chance to tell a story of Latin Americans in Philadelphia! As a Latin American who lives in Philly, I have always been drawn to telling our stories and experiences. My goal is to stay true to the story while representing the vast spectrum of our Latin culture. Many people think Latin equals brown, while in actuality the Latin community spans from the indigenous Latin Americans of Mexico and Puerto Rico to the Afro-Latino populations of the Dominican Republic and South America. I hope the audience will embrace the show and its many faces of Latin culture."

Joel, continued to express his passion for the play and when asked if the play hit any specific emotions he shared, "Daphne's Dive" has changed how I see one's own nuclear family and ones chosen family. In todays society, family is a word that means many things and this show truly embraces that idea. Not only will this show speak to the residents in Camden and Philadelphia, it will speak to the human experience."

He also mentioned the play's leading character Daphne and how strong she stays throughout the show. He knew he had to cast a woman with the same strengths in their own character. The selection of Jessy Gruver for the lead female role was motivated by an experience he had sharing the stage with her. She has the acting chops, but most importantly she's a mother and can grasp the matriarchal aspects of this stories lead character.

See "Daphne's Dive" live, on-stage from September 10-September 26. Shows run Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 PM, and on Sundays at 2:00 PM.

This season of American stories was created to tug at your heart, make you laugh and bring you entertainment that you simply can't see anywhere else. Each ticket you purchase supports actors, directors, stage managers, artists and more, The Waterfront South Theatre, Camden's first theatre built in more than 100 years.

Learn more about the theatre company here:

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