Seasons In The Sun. The Music, Humor And Energy Of The KINGSTON TRIO At The McCallum For One Very Special Concert

Seasons In The Sun. The Music, Humor And Energy Of The KINGSTON TRIO At The McCallum For One Very Special Concert

The McCallum Theatre presents The Kingston Trio on Sunday, November 19, at 3:00pm. Josh Reynolds, son of original founding member Nick Reynolds, has joined forces with two of Nick's closest kindred spirits, Mike Marvin, Nick's nephew, and Tim Gorelangton, Mike's musical brother. Alongside Josh, Mike and Tim have re-captured that original Kingston Trio magic with their energy, humor and crowd charming musical repertoire.

Growing up around The Kingston Trio was something Josh Reynolds didn't quite realize the impact of - until he lost his father. After Nick passed away in 2008, Josh went back to his guitar and began to take it seriously. He had help from a wonderful range of musicians and friends in the extended Kingston Trio fan family. After years of hard work in the The Lion Sons, the band he founded with Mike and Tim, he is ready to carry on the family business.

Today, Josh has stepped into his father's role in The Kingston Trio. He plays tenor guitar, conga, and bongos and is often the comedic center of the group. Josh is also the President of the Tenor Guitar Foundation. He produces their annual Tenor Guitar Gathering in Astoria, Oregon, which consists of workshops, jams, concerts and more, with the ultimate goal to obtain instruments to give to children who want to learn to play, but do not have the resources financially to buy an instrument.

Josh brings his media savvy to the Kingston Trio as he heads up all social media, commercial and video production, and re-branding of The Kingston Trio as their Chief Marketing Director.

Taken in as part of the Reynolds family as a teenager, Mike Marvin learned his music ropes at the foot of Nick Reynolds, his late "adopted father." With Nick's approval, Mike was present at Trio rehearsals during the years when the Trio was the biggest act in the world. Under Nick's tutelage, Mike learned backstage support, how Nick and the Trio picked songs, how the Trio managed their tours and many other critical insights. Mike was a member of the Trio's inner circle, and with the opportunity to expand his musical horizons, learned from the Trio's manager Frank Werber everything from booking an act to conducting an orderly rehearsal to running a complicated business in an orderly fashion.

After years of touring as a folksinger with bandmate Tim Gorelangton, Mike branched into movies. He pioneered the editing of ski films, including the seminal 1972 90 minute ski movie Earth Riderfeaturing the legendary ski-parachute jump off Yosemite's El Capitan. This was the birth of extreme skiing in America. It was also the first time music was edited and inserted, note for note, as a driving force in cinematic imagery as Mike implemented the music of John Stewart, Leo Kottke, and The Kingston Trio in Earth Rider and three subsequent feature films. Mike is also an author, artist and architectural designer. Today, Mike shares his time between Los Angeles and the southern Oregon coast as he, besides singing and performing with The Kingston Trio, fulfills his official role as the Chief Executive Officer of the Trio.

In The Kingston Trio, Mike plays a Martin D-28 guitar and Deering Plectrum Banjo. His voice is best described as "Patron Tequila Baritone." He has been playing and performing for over 50 years.

Like Bob Shane and Dave Guard, Tim Gorelangton was born in Hawaii. Dad was an Air Force pilot and the family lived all over the United States. Ask Tim and he'll tell you, "This whole country is my home town!" Tim started playing woodwinds in high school and ended up serving in U.S. Army Headquarters bands in San Francisco and Stuttgart, Germany. Music was in his family heritage. His father was from Honolulu and was a terrific ukulele player. Mom was a California girl who was prone to bursting into song around the house.

Tim has played in folk and bluegrass groups in Northern California and Nevada for years. A seasoned singer/songwriter, he wrote "Colorado Sun," which climbed to #11 in the regional western U.S. His heroes include Pete Seeger, John Stewart and Tom Paxton. Tim is one of the very few musicians outside The Kingston Trio that Nick Reynolds ever recorded with.

Tim's main goal is to ensure that the group's music remains true to its original intentions. He's the Trio's Chief Musical Director, arranger, and cat wrangler.

In addition to vocals, Tim plays a custom Guild F-512 12-string, Martin J40 6 string, and an original Vega Pete Seeger longneck banjo.

Tickets for this performance on Sunday, November 19, at 3:00pm are priced at $67, $47, $37 and $27. Tickets are available at the Theatre's website at or by calling the McCallum Theatre Box Office at (760) 340-ARTS.

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