BWW Interview: THE MUPPETS TAKE THE BOWL - & Take Over My Interview!

BWW Interview: THE MUPPETS TAKE THE BOWL - & Take Over My Interview!

The Muppets will be performing their first-ever, full-length, live show at the Hollywood Bowl September 8th through 10th in their appropriately titled THE MUPPETS TAKE THE BOWL. I managed to corral a few of Muppet troupe before rehearsals for a sit-down, er, stand-up interview. Miss Piggy, Kermit and Crazy Harry, with Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem arrived with only a minor, initial commotion.

Thank you all for taking the time from your rehearsals for your Hollywood Bowl gig - THE MUPPETS TAKE THE BOWL - to talk with us. Let's start with you, Miss Piggy. Ladies, first....

MISS PIGGY: You may begin. Will there be refreshments?

I'll see what I can do. Anyway, Miss Piggy, you are making your Hollywood Bowl debut with your friends and your entourage. What can your adoring fans expect from your show?

MISS PIGGY: What can vous expect? Simple! The greatest performance in the history of the Hollywood Bowl... and, wait for it: the greatest performance in the history of moi! Now we all know how fabulous I've been in the past. Well, this performance is going to shock you with its fabulosity! When I think about it, even moi is shocked at how incredible I am. Be there, sweetie.

BWW Interview: THE MUPPETS TAKE THE BOWL - & Take Over My Interview!Kermit, you haven't performed live in Los Angeles since....

MISS PIGGY: What about refreshments? I'm famished.

We're still working on that, Miss Piggy... Now, Kermit, as I was saying: you haven't performed live on the stage since 2001 for Muppetfest at the Hollywood Palace. Why such a long time between Los Angeles engagements?

KERMIT: We've been making movies and televisions shows, personal appearances and, not surprisingly, I've been spending a lot of time getting refreshments. It's a full-time job. But we're thrilled to be back in Los Angeles, performing live in front of all our friends on one of the greatest stages in the world, the Hollywood Bowl. It's an honor, a privilege, and if the refreshments hold out, three nights of magic!

Dr. Teeth, will your Hollywood Bowl set list be similar to your set list from your concert last August at San Francisco's Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival?

DR. TEETH: We of the Electric Mayhem never know exactly what we're gonna play until we start playin'. Heck, sometimes we're halfway through a song before we figure out what it is. So, come to the Hollywood Bowl ready to be as surprised as us about what you hear on stage. We're comin' to rock that Bowl!

BWW Interview: THE MUPPETS TAKE THE BOWL - & Take Over My Interview!Floyd Pepper, can your fans expect you to perform your first ever movie song "Can You Picture That?"?

FLOYD PEPPER: As our fearless leader indubitably stated, we don't like to give away the particulars of our set list before... during... or sometimes even after the show. We figure it's up to the audience to figure out what we're playin'... and let us know.

Janice, will you share your spotlight and let Miss Piggy solo in her hit "The Witch Is in the House"?

JANICE: I, like, fersure will be happy to share...

MISS PIGGY: Okay, I'm tired of waiting for this interviewer to come up with refreshments. I'm ordering in and we're billing it to BroadwayWorld.

We really don't have the budget for.....

MISS PIGGY: Too late, I just clicked the "Order Now" button.

JANICE: To answer your question, like, one doesn't "share" a spotlight with Miss Piggy. You just stand back and let her happen. You dig?

BWW Interview: THE MUPPETS TAKE THE BOWL - & Take Over My Interview!More than you can imagine. Now if I may ask you, Dr. Teeth: Will conductor Thomas Wilkins and the Hollywood Bowl Philharmonic Orchestra be backing you? Or will make them sit a few songs out?

DR. TEETH: We've been working very closely with that marvelous maestro, Thomas Wilkins, and those magnificent musicians of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. And they are prepared to back us up, down, over and under. It's gonna be a sonic happening: The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and the Electric Mayhem are gonna rattle and roll you like never before. So bring your groove and get ready to shake it.

Soooo, I just heard that funny guy Bobby Moynihan will be hosting. Which one of you can let slip who your special celebrity guests are? How about a hint or two?

KERMIT: Gee, we'd love to tell you, but we're all eating these delicious refreshments Miss Piggy ordered. Thanks again for picking up the check.

But I...

MISS PIGGY: You better finish this interview soon, or I'm ordering in dessert.

Good idea! Crazy Harry, have you rehearsed with fireworks for the finale?

CRAZY HARRY: Did someone say FIREWORKS!!!!!

BWW Interview: THE MUPPETS TAKE THE BOWL - & Take Over My Interview!No, not now! Hold the fireworks for the Hollywood Bowl. So, uh, let's conclude as we began, with Miss Piggy. Would you recommend people coming as couples for a romantic evening under the stars? Or in a group of friends for some raucous head-banging?

MISS PIGGY: Yes, yes and yes. THE MUPPETS TAKE THE BOWL will be perfect for couples out for a romantic evening, and friends looking for raucous evening of sophisticated head-banging. It's the perfect entertainment experience for absolutely everyone... especially if they've got plenty of refreshments.

... Speaking of which: who wants dessert!?

Thank you, all, again. Gotta go.

Animal! Come back here! That's my credit card!

To experience the incomparable, oft-imitated and ageless Muppets (none looking anywhere near their 60 years of age! More like youthful 25-year-olds!), log onto for ticket availability.

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