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BWW Interview: Pop Singer Tiffany Bailey Talks About Her Projects for 2020

BWW Interview: Pop Singer Tiffany Bailey Talks About Her Projects for 2020

Actress/singer Tiffany Bailey has many talents. She also happens to be a behavioral therapist for children with autism. I laud her for that. Last spring 2019 she released an album entitled Jazz with Pop and her cabaret show was very well received. In this interview she updates our readers as to the success of the CD and talks about her other projects for 2020.

How has your CD been selling since your initial concert last spring?

TB: The Jazz with POP CD has been selling ok. People seem to like the disco

inspired groove of Twilight Tone and the soft haunting feel of True

Colors the best. More people are hearing about Jazz with POP, so that

is great! I have it listed on all music platforms: Itunes,

Spotify, Amazon, CD Baby! I also have it available on my website:

When is your next concert appearance and where?

TB: I've got a few private gigs coming up in January and February. Next

public gig is set for Thursday: April 9th at Feinstein's at Vitello's.

This is one of my favorite venues. I have some cool things planned.

Lots of exploration in 80s/90s pop, musical theater, epic songs that

have theatrics, a little Jazz, and comedy! Another gig I'm excited

about is: Thursday: June 26th at The Gardenia Lounge. with my friend,

Francesca Amari, who is a popular cabaret singer in Palm Springs. Two very

different shows. Both incorporating: comedy, cabaret, and some musical

theater, mixed with pop.

Are you changing what you will sing for the next series of concerts?

TB: In some ways yes. I will always have my Jazz roots. But, I've really

been exploring the comedy of Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball. Also

finding some great musical theater I like; some pop influenced songs,

and a little Lawrence Welk, if you can believe it.

Tell our readers again about growing up with a musical father and
how it motivated you to want to sing professionally.

TB: Growing up with a father who plays music has been one of the greatest

blessings in my life. When it came to learning about cool artists. My

dad was steeped in the jazz world, so I learned about and listened to

Chet Baker, Diane Schuur, Charlie Parker. But he also introduced me to

The Bee Gees, Captain & Tenille, Ray Charles, Hall & Oates, The

Carpenters...the list goes on. Even now, dad is always sending me links

to music I should listen to. We have a lot of fun chatting about it.

And he really understands my musical tastes, so I listen to a huge

variety of music.

Are you embarking on essaying other styles of music, or do you feel
more comfortable staying with jazz and pop?

TB: I feel very safe with and love singing the jazz standards and pop

music, but I'm definitely exploring new music genres in the last few

years. I'm wanting to bring in a funk component to some of my

arrangements; I'm also exploring adding a theatrical element to my

shows, so I'm listening to a lot of show tunes, both from the Golden

era of Broadway and contemporary shows. I'm really attracted to songs

that tell a story, and I want to translate that to my shows:

storytelling with music, words and lights. I want my audiences to feel

"full" when they leave my shows. I want the music to speak out,

loudly. And I want them to really understand the stories behind the

songs and feel the passion I do about the music itself.

What other projects are on the horizon or more specifically in the
near future?

TB: I'm exploring more acting and voiceover work. I've gotten my headshots

done for commercial film and TV. I'm trying to put myself out there to

get a feature film. I love using my voice in fun ways and exploring

what I can do as an actor. Recently, I've started to figure out how to

perfect Carol Channing's unique speaking style. It's a tricky one; she

was such an incredible talent.

I'm also looking to get more involved in directing cabaret shows and

theatrical productions. I have a background in music and art therapy.

I truly enjoy working on shows and being involved in the writing and

development process. I think I bring something valuable to other

artists, including adding the component of fun, organization,

creativity and collaboration.

Tell us again who your favorite singers are, old and new.

TB: My idol, Karen Carpenter is number one. Others include Lea Michelle,

Sharon McNight, Esperanza Spalding, Casey Abrams and Melody Gardot.

Lately, I've been really intrigued and enamored with Billie Eilish -

both as a person and performer.

Do you wish to add anything?

TB: I decided this past year to really follow my passions, so I have been

taking piano lessons, which has added so much joy to my life. My goal

was to accompany myself at a show, and I'm happy to report that I will

be doing that! I just want to immerse myself in the entertainment

world, from music to directing to cabaret to voice work and acting.

Visit Tiffany bailey at:

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