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30 Days of NYMF 2008: Max & the Truffle Pig


By Suzanne Bradbeer (Book) 

Deep in the heartland, southern Indiana.  I am working on a new play at the New Harmony project.  It is fantastic here, great for writing.  Not so good for calling.  To use your cell phone you have to walk five streets down and two streets over, where, in the middle of the road, you might be able to get Verizon.  So when I finally pick up my messages there are quite a few, including three from a very determined lady who would like to speak to me about a project.  Like, right now.  By the third message she is sounding more than a little irritated and I’m thinking, “What the hell, Lady, I’m practically in the middle of a cornfield, here.”   

The project is adapting a children’s story into a musical.  Something about Max and a truffle pig. I feel certain that when I actually speak with her, I’ll tell the lady “No, I don’t have time, I can’t do another project for free, and besides, a children’s musical?”  But then the lady gets me on the phone.  The lady’s name is Nancy.  There is no saying no to Nancy.   

When I come back to New York, I meet Nancy in person.  And Bert the inspired composer.  We work together for a year or so.  One of my favorite memories of this time is sitting with Nancy in her house, discussing Louis XIV.  As one so often does on Long Island.  When Nancy pops off a lyric about the Sun King and his grooming habits, I know I love this woman. 

We bring in the groovy Erica Gould to direct a few readings.  Non-kids love these readings.  Kids, too.  So far so good.  And now we’re in the NYMF festival and the world of Max and his truffle pig has become even richer.  There’s Kim and Patrick and Jonathan.  There’s another Erica and two Doug’s.  There’s Meghan and Karen and Lilith and Kat.  There’s Marie and Judith and Bob the TD who I haven’t met yet – but I hear you’re great, Bob!  There’s Antoinette and Jeremy, Kevin and Jen, Rob and Cindy.   

And of course Nancy.  Always Nancy.  If you come to the show, maybe you’ll get to meet her too.


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