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Anthony Crivello: This Phantom Feels Lucky In Las Vegas

When Phantom of The Opera celebrated its second anniversary last month, Anthony Crivello took over as the city's sole Phantom, as Brent Barrett has gone on to work elsewhere.

What this means is that Crivello will be doing eight shows a week and, on the five weekdays, he's just started a radio show on Fox Sports.

As far as his Phantom work goes, Crivello is very definite about the immediate future. "My intention is to stay in Las Vegas as long as possible.

"I've had four or five offers and inquiries from New York. I'm flattered by the additional attention, and I do at some point want to get back to the east coast, but I'm working on other projects on my own.  Even though, technically, I'm on the road I have my family with me. That's first and foremost. Going back to New York means we're talking about another move."

Settled into Las Vegas with his wife Dori Rosenthal and their son Enzo, Crivello is enjoying his time in the desert.

He says, "There's a learning curve here for performers and for shows. The evolution of Las Vegas and the evolution of shows in Las Vegas is very interesting. The spectacle on The Strip is unmatched and when a show comes in it has to meet that standard."

Unlike Spamalot, which is closing at the Wynn Las Vegas on Sunday to tour, Phantom of the Opera is a show that was designed specifically for Las Vegas. The theater and the structure of the show are found only here.

In Las Vegas, Crivello explains, "most business is walk-up. You have to be established as an entity on The Strip. We came out of the gate with 10 performances a week. It took some time going to eight performances and learning that marketing the show here is different than marketing it anywhere else. Here, it's walk-up business and conventions."

Asked to speculate why other excellent Broadway productions in Las Vegas — Hairspray and Avenue Q, specifically — didn't make it, Crivello says, "Those are American stories and the audience here, especially in this economy, is international.  From the show, and the films, Phantom has an international reputation and that helps here."

When he's not on stage, Crivello is on the air at Fox Sports radio — 920 AM — Las Vegas. His show, "The Sicilians," is broadcast weekdays from noon to 2 p.m. It is a dream come true for him.

The Milwaukee native is a huge sports fan and loves talking about all sports. "It was serendipitous. I had gone on Fox Sports radio as a guest because of Phantom and I really loved it.

"I own stock in the Green Bay Packers, the only franchise in all of professional sports that is publicly owned," Crivello said. "I predicted that the Celtics would win the NBA title and that the Giants would win the Super Bowl. Now, with the Packers, the stage is set for a Cinderella story and I think Bret Farve will be back. Just wait."

When he talks Crivello talks quickly and that — deliberately or not — graphically conveys his excitement about his life today.

He says, "Phantom, the radio show — these have been interesting wonderful opportunities. Las Vegas has been nothing but good to me."

You can catch a webcast or to download a podcast of "The Sicilians" at

Photo Credit Joan Marcus


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