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Industry Pro Newsletter: Reopenings, Continued Pivots, and that Fauci Clickbait

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Our latest roundup of the top stories we're tracking across the industry last week

September 14, 2020 -

A lot of what we have this week falls more on the "bad news" side of the equation, so be sure and check out the fun video involving the cast of the Frozen films that we link to at the end. As summer turns to fall, the question is becoming less about how arts institutions can survive until live event production is able to return to normal (i.e. without masks or other social distancing mitigation), but how can institutions pivot and adjust their method of programming to not only survive, but to thrive? This week, we've got stories about how close some regions are to the brink, how some regions are finding their way back to the stage, and a story on the latest understanding of what the timeline might be moving forward.



September 17th at 2pm Eastern

Streaming, immersive, audio, and now drive-in theatre. Theatre has taken on many forms during its history, and that is even more true during the pandemic. Each of these iterations has their own challenges, and this month on the Industry Pro webinar, we'll be joined by representatives of the Barter Theatre in Virginia, where they've been producing drive-in theatre on a large scale since July. They'll share the genesis of the idea, the way they put together a show, and what best practices they've developed since beginning their productions.

Join us for their insight on September 17th at 2pm Eastern!

Fauci: Theatre Won't Return to Normal Until a Year After Vaccine

In an Instagram live interview with actress Jennifer Garner, Dr. Anthony Fauci explained the timeline that we can expect when a vaccine becomes available for institutions that are unable to reopen without other mitigation techniques - including masks, social distancing, and other precautions we have seen in theatres that have been able to reopen.

Executive Summary from Wolf-Brown Study

Earlier this month, Alan Brown from Wolf-Brown provided an updated executive summary of the data they've collected in their global audience tracking survey. He unveiled the data as it stands in a 30 minute webinar, available at the link above.

Sydney Gives a Glimpse of the Joy of a Reopening Theatre Scene

As many US States and other municipalities continue to grapple with the coronavirus, theatre's in Sydney are finding a way to get back on stage - from Nick Galvin at The Sydney Morning Herald, a tour of the companies welcoming productions back to the stage, and the joy they're feeling at being able to do so.

More Good News Out of Australia - Young People Care About the Arts

According to a recent survey conducted in Australia, it is the youngest cohort surveyed, 18-34 year olds who find it most important to contribute to and support arts organizations during this time - including paying for streams, memberships, and making donations.

Chicago Theatre on the Brink

More than 200 companies call the city of Chicago home, and while companies in many regions are able to find venues that can support the required social distancing, or new models to support the art that they're making - the storefront scene in Chicago is finding it difficult to adapt - but not impossible.

Steppenwolf NOW - How One Major Institution is Making the Pivot

Steppenwolf, a cornerstone institution in Chicago, recently announced the lineup for the first iteration of Steppenwolf NOW. Check out the article to see who is in the lineup and what this new form of delivering content to audiences looks like.

The Neo-Futurists Have Maintained Revenue Levels During the Pandemic

While much of Chicago is on the brink, the Neo-Futurists, a small budget company, has not only found success with their pivot to digital offerings, they've been able to thrive. Read this article from the Chicago Tribune to learn more about what they've been up to.

75% of Washington State Theatres Will Be Out Of Operating Funds by November 2020

With support legislation continually stalling in legislatures both at the state and federal level, arts institutions are beginning to see their operational funds dwindle as they try and retain as much staff as possible while ensuring they have the capital to reopen when it is finally safe to do so.

While NYC Edges Back to Normal, It Can't Get There Without Broadway

Broadway is the true economic engine that drives New York City, according to recent reporting from the Washington Post. More Broadway tickets are sold each year than all of the major sports teams in the metropolitan area combined, accounting for $13 Billion in the local economy.

Cuomo Gives No Indication on Broadway, But Announces Indoor Dining

New York State continues to take steps towards more indoor activities, with gyms having opened at the beginning of the month, schools in the process of opening, and now indoor dining has joined the list of returning activities. While the governor explicitly did not give an update on the reopening of theatre, the success of reopening various sectors of the economy without the spikes seen elsewhere gives a sense of cautious optimism.

"At a Point of No Return" - Andrew Lloyd Webber Warns MP's About the Arts Sector

Finding ways to get the arts sector up and running is important in many major cities as the major economic driver that we know our institutions are.

PBS Newshour Visited the Berkshires - and the Arts Institutions Reopening

Taking a look at the new reality in which theatres and arts institutions are reopening in the United States, PBS Newshour Weekend visited, among other places, the production of Godspell at Berkshire Theatre Group.

Frozen cast Surprises a Superfan

With guest host Josh Gad on Jimmy Kimmel Live, you had to know Frozen references would abound. When presenting the Health Care Hero of the Week, a regular segment of the show, Gad called on his Frozen friends to surprise the NICU nurse who is a huge fan of Frozen. Give the video a look to warm your heart!

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