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Maharathi at Tour


9/27/2019 - 10/19/2019



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Subhash Shirke, a petty thief saves a bankrupt ex-producer Jaisingh Adenwala from imminent death in a car accident and gets recruited as his driver, much to the displeasure of Adenwala's noticeably younger wife Mallika with whom he shares an estranged relationship. Adenwala, neck-deep in debt, turns to the bottle only to get his miseries much better of him.  As he commits suicide leaving behind an insurance policy worth crores, his greedy wife Mallika gets a challenge for life.Will she be able to prove this well meditated suicide to be a cleverly planned murder? Will the lust for money compel the small-time con Subhash to team up with Mallika or will he prefer to stand for the truth?

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