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Student Blog: Youtube Yoga for Actors

My favorite yoga sequences Youtube channel, Yoga with Adriene.

Student Blog: Youtube Yoga for Actors

My first college movement class changed my life. We began every class with yoga and added to our daily sequence little by little as the semester progressed. Yoga was something new to me. I've grown up in sports, dance classes, and in the gym. Using my body was nothing new, but body awareness was. Yoga is an excellent tool for actors because it both engages our bodies and raises body awareness. Soon after the movement class ended, Covid-19 began. This meant weeks stuck in the house. In those weeks, I clung to yoga. It allowed me to move my body, check in with how I was feeling, and practice mindfulness. As in person classes increase and live theatre begins to open, a yoga practice has never been more important for an actor. These are my favorite yoga practices from Yoga with Adriene that I find beneficial for actors.

Awaken the Artist Within

Artistic block? Don't know how to move forward with your creative process? This yoga sequence welcomes self expression through an energizing and strengthening flow. It is forty minutes long, but time will fly by. It's a fun one!

Yoga Rinse

A fifteen minute practice that will refresh your body and mind. I use this practice when I feel physically "off" (sore, tired, crampy, weak, etc.) This sequence is great for beginners.

Balancing Practice

For the dancers/movers out there. Some days I cannot balance to save my life, which makes things like ballet feel impossible. This is a longer practice that will make you break a sweat.

Yoga for Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back

So much tension is held in your neck, shoulders, and upper back. My second semester of voice and speech classes was focused on releasing these areas of our upper body. By releasing this tension, our voice becomes more free and malleable. This practice feels like a deep tissue massage. It's only ten minutes, and can make a world of a difference in your voice!

Yoga for the Spine

You know, rolling up one vertebrae at a time? To my knowledge, hearing this phrase in class is a commonly shared experience amongst actors. This spine roll up is infamous because it's essential. This spine practice is great before rehearsals or voice lessons. It's a longer practice, but totally worth it!

Movement Medicine- Energy Practice

A quick sequence for the morning! I use this one the most. Early morning audition? 8 a.m. acting class and your scene is going up today? You don't have enough time for a full body workout or a long and slow stretch. This practice will wake up your body and breath in fifteen minutes.

Wind Down Yoga

Late night rehearsals are coming up and I am so excited. Rehearsals end late, days begin early, and sleep is non negotiable. If you're like me, it can be hard to wind down after rehearsal. You're thinking about the choreography you just learned, thinking about that note you got, or how you missed that cue...again. This wind down yoga practice will put your mind and body at ease. With lots of breath work, this brief sequence will help you get ready for some well deserved rest.

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