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Student Blog: I Love Broadway: A Poem


My ode to Broadway.

Student Blog: I Love Broadway: A Poem

I Love Broadway: A Poem

I Didn't Plan It, but What I Was Born To Do

is Run and Tell That A Musical is one of

My Favorite Things!

At the End of the Day, All You Wanna Do

is see Another Op'nin', Another Show.

Omigod You Guys, Do You Hear The People Sing?

it's Charming, Too Beautiful for Words.

I Believe that In My Life, Nothing is Better than

a show Opening Up; it makes me

Over the Moon, What More Can I Say?

Watch What Happens when they Sing!

it's Legendary.

At the Ballet, or The Opera, or

The Club, Some People could be Satisfied,

but I'm Not That Girl.

I stay Positive because the Lullaby of Broadway

is Something to Believe In.

It Won't Be Long Now, Thank Goodness, until you Meet Me Inside;

we've been Waiting for Life to be So Much Better.

So Anyway, Give My Regards to Broadway.

You'll Be Back, and while we're Still Hurting,

I'm Still Here, with Paciencia y Fe.

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