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WE tv Celebrates 25th Anniversary of ROSANNE with Marathon

In celebration of the upcoming 25th anniversary of the celebrated sitcom "Roseanne," which originally launched on October 18, 1988, WE tv will air a "Best Of" marathon featuring fan favorite episodes from all nine seasons of the iconic franchise, beginning Friday, October 18 at 10am ET until 5pm ET. "Roseanne" will continue to air weekdays from 10am to 1pm and Sundays from 10am to 4pm ET.

"Roseanne" has also amped up its presence at, including new photo galleries, fan favorite video clips, quizzes and polls, as well as a homepage "spotlight," and WE tv's favorite Halloween moments where fans can comment and vote on their favorite Roseanne moments from the series' history. WE tv's social media team will also be celebrating the anniversary on Twitter and Facebook, with new sharable "Roseanne" content.

"Roseanne," is at its heart, a show about ordinary people who face day-to-day survival with a sense of humor and absurdity. At the epicenter presides the inimitable Roseanne Conner (Rosanne Barr). Her observations on life's little travails, be they sarcastic or incorrigibly honest, unerringly hit home. She is the type who is always ready to charge into the fight. Dan's (John Goodman) the one hauling back on the reins. His secret weapon to disarm her is a sense of humor just as caustic as her own. The bottom line is that, through it all, they truly do respect and love one another.

Over the nine years as the children grew, so did the challenges. Roseanne would quit her job at the factory (Season 1) and take several jobs to make ends meet, including a hair washer at a beauty salon, magazine telemarketer and a waitress at the local mall (Seasons 3-4). Working in a restaurant would eventually inspire Roseanne to open up her own diner with the help of her sister Jackie (Lauri Metcalf), mom Bev and friend Nancy (Seasons 5-8). Through the tough times Dan and Roseanne have only one thing on their minds, the welfare of their kids, who mean everything to them - an enduring theme that holds as much significance to audiences today as it did 25 years ago.

The episodes that will air during the "Best Of" marathon on October 18th include:

Toto, We're Not in Kansas Anymore (1988)- As a tornado spins through Lanford, a storm is brewing inside the Conner house over the whereabouts of Jackie who hasn't returned from her trip to the market.

Let's Call It Quits (1988) - Roseanne has difficulty accepting new rules from a tough new supervisor at the factory. After he raises the cap on the quotas yet again, Roseanne approaches him to try and get him to ease off. The boss agrees, but he needs a favor from her, in return. They come to a temporary agreement that results in a permanent solution.

Inherit the Wind (1989)- Roseanne tries her hand at telephone solicitation while trying to console Becky who had an embarrassing accident in front of the school council. Just as her speech was wrapping up, she broke wind. The whole school is talking about it, especially Darlene. Becky is mortified, and Roseanne tries to comfort her.

Boo! (1989)- Roseanne celebrates Halloween. Roseanne and Dan compete to see who is the spookiest. Roseanne tries to bring the spirit of Halloween to Becky.

An Officer and a Gentleman (1989)- Roseanne is heading to visit her parents once again in Moleen. Jackie steps in as substitute mom and dazzles Dan with her housekeeping skills. Jackie is surprised to learn how Dan really thinks of her and that he remembers the first time they met.

Like, a Virgin (1990)- Roseanne decides it's time to give Becky "the talk" when she sees that Becky is getting more and more attention from the boys. Yet it is Darlene that is kissing, and having a boyfriend, to her mom's surprise.

Trick or Treat (1990)- Roseanne shows up dressed as a bearded lumberjack to a Halloween Party at the Lobo Lounge and spends the night "in character" as well as in costume.

Do You Know Where Your Parents Are? (1990)- Since the girls continually break curfew, Dan and Roseanne celebrate the anniversary of their first lovemaking by revisiting the restaurant/hotel - and staying out very, very late, hoping to teach the girls a lesson, with the help of Officer Jackie.

Scenes from a Barbecue (1990) - The Connors celebrate Mother's Day with a barbecue with Roseanne's feisty grandmother.

Darlene Fades to Black (1991)- Darlene slips into a depressive state, leaving Roseanne and Dan wondering what is wrong, why she is wanting to wear only black, watch TV and be left alone. Dan gets a moped as a trade-in at the bike shop, and Becky has her sights set on having it. Dan and Roseanne have something different in mind.

Crime and Punishment (1992)- After receiving a phone call from the school, Dan is asked to come to speak with the principal, concerning DJ's offensive reading material, which turns out to be Darlene's comic. When it is uncovered that the reason for Jackie's mood swings is domestic violence, Dan sets off to deal with Fisher man to man and ends up Being arrested.

War and Peace(1992)- Dan returns home to rampant rumors about his behavior, all of Lanford has a different story about the way Dan ended up in jail. But no one's is right. Jackie has no idea what had happened until Crystal said that Dan got in a fight with Fisher. When Roseanne goes to take Jackie to gather her belongings to move out of Fisher's apartment, Jackie is unsure that she should leave him. After a talk from Roseanne, everyone sees things a lot clearer.

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home (1992)- The death of their father takes a toll on all of the women in his life, from his mistress to his ex-wife and daughters. Roseanne decides to handle the arrangements until Jackie, who is having a melt-down, accuses her of driving their father away. After going through a sea of emotions, Roseanne steals away a last moment alone with her father, to let him know what an impact he had on her life.

It's a Boy (1992)- Darlene and David approach the Conners to see if David can move in, because his mother is moving out of state. The answer is not what they wanted to hear, and Roseanne, feeling bad about it, decides to go talk to David's mom, and explain their decision. Upon arrival, she finds out that his mother knows nothing of the plans that David was trying to make, and she starts to hurl insults at everyone, from David to Darlene, Becky, and finally at Roseanne. When Roseanne witnesses the harsh emotional abuse that is heaped upon David, she has a change of heart.

Roseanne is a Full Moon/High Tide Production in association with Carsey-Werner and was created by Matt Williams. Roseanne, Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner served as Executive Producers and Caryn Mandabach was Supervising Producer.

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