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Spoiler Alert!: Recap & Review of THE VOICE's Final Battle Round 10/21/; Full Results!

Coming into tonight, we've been through 18 Battles of Season Seven of THE VOICE, which means tonight we had just six performances left in this round. As it was last week, we only saw three of the performances, while the other three will relegated to highlight clips.

On tonight's episode, Gwen Steffani and Blake Shelton had to decide the winner of two battles, while Pharrell Williams and Adam Levine only had one. Steffani held the lone remaining save of the Battle Rounds, and while she get a contestant that I think actually won her Battle, there were better singers that didn't get stolen.

Check out my thoughts on each performance, and leave your thoughts in the comments below, or on Twitter @BWWMatt. I will add pictures over night when NBC makes them available.

Team Pharrell: Ricky Manning vs. Brittany Butler
Song: "On Broadway" by George Benson
Six-Word Review: Worst Transitions Ever; But He's Better
Should Advance: Ricky Manning
Did Advance: Ricky Manning
Steal: Nyet

Wow, that was easily one of the weirdest arrangements I've ever heard on a reality TV show. After the extended opening of the song, which Ricky sang in the traditional manner, the band abruptly stopped and switched into a startling, jazz-infused rendition. It was a rather jolting transition, and took me completely out of the song. It seemed like a really odd-choice considering that all of the other VOICE Battles being so seamless.

That being typed, despite Brittany's obvious talent and vocal precision, Ricky is clearly the total-package, and deserved the victory. With his pretty-boy looks and powerful vocals, Ricky is a contender.

Team Blake: Kensington Moore vs. Reagan James
Song: "Team" by Lorde
Six-Word Review: Two Terrifically Talented Teens To Choose
Should Advance: Reagan James
Did Advance: Reagan James
Steal: Negatory

For being worried about flipping up during her initial rehearsal, Kensington's head voice was really impressive. She had a really strong voice, and had a nice vocal clarity, in fact, I think vocally she probably had the better vocal of the pair.

However, there was something electric about Reagan. She has a charisma and a confidence that makes her impossible to not watch. I didn't know the song well enough to pick up on her going up on the lyrics, which is a testament to her stage presence.

Both of these young women very easily could have won the Battle, and I am honestly a little surprised that Kensington didn't get Gwen's final Steal, but I do think Blake made the right decision.

Team Blake: Allison Bray vs. Fernanda Bosch
Song: "Sparks Fly" by Taylor Swift
Six-Word Review: I Wish I Could Tell You
Did Advance: Allison Bray
Steal: Nil

Team Gwen: Anita Antoinette vs. Mayre Alvarez
Song: "I Can See Clearly Now" by Johnny Nash
Six-Word Review: Your Guess Is Good As Mine
Did Advance: Anita Antoinette
Steal: Nada

Team Gwen: Gianna Salvato vs. Bryana Salaz
Song: "Boom Clap" by Charli XCX
Six-Word Review: Who knows? We didn't see it.
Did Advance: Bryana Salaz
Steal: Nope

Team Adam: Mia Pfirrman vs. Beth Spangler
Song: "I Turn to You" by Christina Aguilera
Six-Word Review: Oh Yes, Oh No, Oh Yes
Should Advance: Beth Spangler
Did Advance: Mia Pfirrman
Steal: Gwen Steffani
New Team: Gwen Steffani

Adam made a point in the first rehearsal that this was going to be a challenge for Beth and Mia, because any time you sing a Christina song, you are flirting with disaster; and while this wasn't a disaster, it very well could have been. At times both singers missed their notes. I flipped back and forth multiple times between which one I thought was better, but after Beth hit an incredible run, Mia followed it up by coming in flat, and that sealed it.

Ultimately, I think that Beth was more consistent, I'm not sure that she has as much potential as Mia, but she seems more genuine and honest in her performance, besides Beth looked extremely gorgeous, but that has nothing to do with THE VOICE!

My Performance Rankings of the Battles We Actually Saw:
1) Reagan James
2) Ricky Manning
3) Kensington Moore
4) Beth Spangler
5) Mia Pfirrman
6) Brittany Butler

What did you think of tonight's final Battle? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or on Twitter @BWWMatt. Also, don't forget to follow @BWWTVWorld on Twitter and Like us on Facebook for all of the latest TV news, reviews, and recaps.

Photo Credit: Trae Patton | NBC

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