Scoop: ONE MAGNIFICENT MORNING on THE CW - Saturday, January 21, 2017

Scoop: ONE MAGNIFICENT MORNING on THE CW - Saturday, January 21, 2017CALLING DR POL Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Busy is the word for the day and after losing a vet tech, the staff is feeling the strain. While Diane and Charles look for a new office assistant, Dr. Pol has to handle a genetic mutation that threatens the Filhart’s heard. Afterwards is touch and go with an elderly Retriever and then a warm welcome to the newest technician at Pol Veterinary.

Just Another Frantic Friday It’s a frantic Friday at the clinic and the staff is under siege. If Dr. Pol can manage to make it through his 16 hour day, it will truly be one for the records. There are (possibly) pregnant alpacas, a bird with a bad beak, underweight calves, a beagle with a bad eye and a poisoned pooch, and that’s just the short list.

The Pet Offensive Willie, a Jack Russell Terrier, has aggression issues and takes it out on his owner’s chair. And Schroeder, a pint sized Lhasa Apso, shows his disdain toward people and dogs.

Sparky’s Big Day Dog owner Abbie Jay suffered terrible tragedies and only her dog, Sparky, can calm her panic affliction. She needs him to be with her all the time, but his bad behavior in public is putting his service dog training in jeopardy.

Chronicles of Troy Cesar helps Troy, a cooped up German Shepard, whose temper is disrupting his family life.

Yorkie Town
Cesar works with a household that includes two rambunctious Yorkshire Terriers; a Bull Terrier named Bikini is aggressive toward other dogs.
213 – Ohana Animal Rescue
Pet Expert and founder of DOG for DOG, Rocky Kanaka, brings in his team of experts and community volunteers to help an animal shelter devoted to helping the homeless pet population in the Phoenix area. As work begins to upgrade the dog kennels, Rocky turns to social media to help find an adorably quiet Beagle named Aurora a forever home! To help save another pet’s life, a law student looking for a loveable companion in his new apartment becomes interested in adopting.

110 – An Unforgettable Anniversary
Julie and Marc Davies have spent a wonderful 10 years together but have suffered through a lot of heartache along the way, including the recent loss of Marc’s brother. Julie is hoping that a dream cruise vacation will help create some new happy memories for them on their 10th anniversary. With help from the officers and crew of Seabourn Sojourn, Tommy and Andrea, they go above and beyond to deliver unforgettable Seabourn Moments to the Davies including a beautiful suite on the Seabourn Sojourn. Tommy and Andrea plan a romantic speedboat tour off the coast of Corsica, and surprise the Davies with a day filled with watersports and fun right off the ship. Julie and Marc also renew their vows in front of the Captain.

109 – Spinning Back
On this episode of Dinner Spinner, we take a look back at four of our winning Dinner Spinner recipes: Grilled Pork on Pork Rolotinis, Choco Chip Carrot Cake Pumpkins, Greek Eggs In Pita, and Le Tofu Orange, and the inventive cooks who came up with the recipes.

107 – Tough Enough
Cancer survivors battle it out with twin stuntmen to see who has what it takes to earn a chance at $5,000.