Production on MADE FROM SCRATCH to Begin 11/24

Production on MADE FROM SCRATCH to Begin 11/24

MADE FROM SCRATCH is a film about the importance of sisterhood and the strength of friendship you sometimes need, just to survive. Written and directed by David-Matthew Barnes, Made from Scratch provides a voice for women that will resonate and impact with hope.

Filming of Made from Scratch begins in Atlanta, GA on November 24th. The film features a variety of well-known television/film and theater actors including: Kimberly Greenberg, Zoe Myers, Lisann Valentin, Margaret Champagne, Danny Williams, Tara Henry, Kimberly Faye Greenberg, and Heather Brant. For a complete list of cast please visit

When the lives of four women merge, each experiences a life-changing moment of truth. Longing for her former wild days as a party-hopping powerful executive, Claudia is secretly strategizing her escape from her dull life as a Southern housewife. Refusing to rely on welfare, Tameka struggles with working two jobs, attending night school, and raising her nine-year-old-son. When she's summoned home by her estranged mother, Victoria suddenly realizes what's missing in her life is love: a realization prompted by the sudden admission by her female colleague, Danielle, that Victoria is the not-so-secret object of her desires. After Sahara accepts a proposal from a man she only knows for three months in order to escape her home life where she's been an emotional crutch for her overly dependent mother, Sahara quickly realizes her marriage is a mistake.

Made from Scratch will be a must-see film for women of all types. Follow the journey of creating this life changing film at or

Made from Scratch is produced by the Pinwheel Entertainment Group and Hoop Earrings Entertainment.