Karmic Neighborhood Releases Preview Soundtrack Album for Upcoming Feature Film EQUINOX THE MUSICAL

Armand Ruby and Julian Colbeck is the core duo behind Karmic Neighborhood.

By: Sep. 25, 2023
Karmic Neighborhood Releases Preview Soundtrack Album for Upcoming Feature Film EQUINOX THE MUSICAL

Armand Ruby and Julian Colbeck of musical group Karmic Neighborhood are officially releasing the preview soundtrack album for their upcoming feature film, Equinox the Musical on the fall equinox.

The 14-track album complements the feature film in conveying the story of two homeless young lovers who discover that forgiveness, gratitude and love can be the keys to navigating life’s most challenging circumstances. Some cosmic themes featured within the album include perseverance, forgiveness, gratitude, love, selflessness, and every emotion in between.

Twice a year, on the spring and fall equinox, there is equal time split between day and night. This worldwide equilibrium of darkness and light paints a picture of balance. Equinox the Musical Preview Soundtrack asks listeners defining questions like: “How do we cope with the stressors that threaten to push us off our stride?” or, “How does someone in less fortunate circumstances maintain any sense of balance in the daily struggle just to survive?” Karmic Neighborhood seeks to emphasize that everyone has a story, no matter how apparent it may be on the surface.

Equinox the Musical reveals the stories of four homeless individuals - two young lovers with troubled pasts, an elderly wise woman who has lost everything except her dignity, and an attorney recovering from the depths of addiction - and the people who support them on their way.

The public face of homelessness is too often someone suffering from serious mental health issues or addiction, but many others endure the indignities of a life gone awry with a quiet dignity. At a time of great social upheaval, the world needs to see and hear this tale of compassion and perseverance in the face of conflict.

The 14 songs on the Equinox Preview Soundtrack album are sung by a diverse set of characters in a variety of settings, with a wide range of musical styles, all helping to tell the film’s story. The record begins with the exuberant, electrified dance tune, “It's a New Day”, introducing listeners to the musical film's cast of characters.

The groovy, Latin-inspired song “How Do I Start Over?” is sung by two middle-aged social service professionals who harbor a secret attraction. The rest of the preview soundtrack traverses a wide range of genres and is concluded with the closing ensemble number, “Equinox.” The frenetic Surf-rock tune “Living Loving” acts a coda and will play during the film's credits.

Armand Ruby and Julian Colbeck, the core duo behind Karmic Neighborhood, have taken very different paths to the present moment. The West Coast-based team are two lifelong musicians who met by chance when they moved to the same neighborhood on the central California coast.

Julian began his career as a London-based keyboardist and is an accomplished, lifelong music industry veteran, while Armand worked professionally as an environmental scientist in the U.S. and stayed involved in music as a part-time musician and songwriter.

Armand and Julian formed a strong bond through their shared passion for music and their painful yet hopeful life experiences of surviving cancer. The two rhythmic alt-pop collaborators found inspiration within the harmony of their own respective life journeys and a mutual interest in musical innovation. 

Listen to the soundtrack here:


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