Independent Director and Producer Gianlorenzo Albertini Presents Award-Winning Short Film THE RIBBON ON THE KITE

Independent Director and Producer Gianlorenzo Albertini Presents Award-Winning Short Film THE RIBBON ON THE KITE

Gianlorenzo Albertini's short film "The Ribbon on the Kite" ( is currently making the rounds at multiple festivals and screenings. The young director wrote and directed the short film portraying the trials of a soldier suffering from both PTSD and homelessness. The film exemplifies Albertini's core philosophy of using cinematic art to get at the core of truth, no matter how difficult the subject.

"The Ribbon on the Kite" features Daerik, an army veteran who has quietly returned home after being discharged from the military. Suffering from severe PTSD, Daerik is alone and homeless while struggling to deal with the debilitating memories of a tragic mission in Afghanistan where he lost most of his men. Simultaneously, a young girl named Rebecca tries to find her brother after discovering he has disappeared after the war. The film stars Julia Yusupova as Rebecca and Greg Hill as Daerik.

"I wanted to convey a realistic portrayal of the emotional effects of war on individuals. The ?lm draws attention to the difficulties, hardships and trauma that vets suffering from severe PTSD are forced to endure due to governmental neglect. The emphasis in the ?lm is on LIFE AFTER the war, and upon returning home, the consequent experiences, personal feelings and relationships as well as the struggles of everyday life," filmmaker Albertini said.

Born in Naples, Italy, Albertini studied filmmaking and acting in New York and Los Angeles, and has worked within a variety of art-forms, including music and photography. Albertini cites music as one of the core sources of both motivation and inspiration for his work, having studied classical guitar and music composition at a conservatory in Naples. The deep importance of the musical craft indelibly marks all of Albertini's filmmaking.

"I mostly get inspired by the music I grew up with, as well as playing piano and studying classical guitar and composition at the music conservatory. Music has been very influential in every aspect of my life - It is my first and biggest inspiration, through which I envision pretty much the entire film. The music, whether it is classical, rock or jazz, creates images in my mind," Albertini said.

"The Ribbon on the Kite" has already won several award distinctions like Best Short Film, Best Director, Best Drama Short Film and Best Directing from the Los Angeles Shorts Awards, the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, the SOMA film festival, the Oniros Film Awards as well as the International Independent Film Awards. "The Ribbon on the Kite" recently played at the Soma Film Festival, the MarylandInternational Film Festival, the Kansas City FilmFest and the Richmond International Film Festival.


Gianlorenzo Albertini is an acclaimed director and producer with several films to his credit. As evidenced by his most recent production, "The Ribbon on the Kite," Albertini is quickly making a remarkable impression in the world of indie film.

Regarding his cinematic choices and directing, Albertini remarked, "I give the actors complete freedom to discover their own natural movement, so they can feel at ease and be more willing to make mistakes. Doing so, they're more willing to go deeper into their characters; I slowly direct them towards my vision. For me, it is a very collaborative process. I try to establish TRUST and make a very safe environment in which the actors can work creatively. Ultimately, it is all about choosing the right shot that best portrays any given scene and the characters, and their emotional journey, to humanize their tragedies and embrace their imperfections. I like to focus on the story and the characters because they will tell you what shot best portrays them."

Albertini is currently working on his next movie project, titled: "Off Your Head."

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