Highlights from SNL's Weekend Update with Seth Meyers, 4/13

Highlights from SNL's Weekend Update with Seth Meyers, 4/13

Below, check out highlights from SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE'S WEEKEND UPDATE with Seth Meyers, from April 13!

"WEEKEND UPDATE" ANCHOR Seth Meyers - "Thursday marked the one year anniversary of Kim Jong Un being appointed leader of North Korea and apparently he is not happy we forgot."

MEYERS - "Larry Pratt, the head of the group Gun Owners of America, said this week that he does not believe polls saying 90 percent of Americans want background checks, calling them "hokum." And he must have his finger on America's pulse if he knows cool slang words like 'hokum.'"

MEYERS - "A growing number of Catholics who have drifted away from the Church in recent years because they felt the leadership was out of touch, have been drawn back by Pope Francis, who many see as more grounded. You know what, I think it's the Chucks."

MEYERS - "Reebok this week dropped hip hop artist Rick Ross as a spokesman after he failed to show remorse for lyrics in a new song that alludes to date rape. Or maybe they just dropped him because someone finally realized they were using Rick Ross to sell athletic gear."

MEYERS - "It was announced this week that because of the budget sequester the Navy has canceled New York's annual Fleet Week, in which dozens of large ships dock in the city for the week. So heads up, ladies, that's an ice cream man hitting on you."

MEYERS - "A Ringling Brothers Circus elephant was injured this week in Mississippi during a driveby shooting. Police still haven't figured out who did it, because there were 28 people in the car."

MEYERS - "Kid Rock is organizing a concert tour this summer where tickets will be sold for just 20 dollars and beer will be only 4 dollars. So maybe there will finally be a Kid Rock concert that's not packed with rich snobs."

MEYERS - "A Russian-American living in Brooklyn, New York has become famous for sketching drawings of other passengers on the train and then giving them the pictures for free. That's in addition to the other thing he gives passengers: the heebie jeebies."

MEYERS - "A California man, who once played The Voice of Charlie Brown, pleaded guilty this week to charges that he stalked two women. Dude, I'm telling you they aren't interested."

MEYERS - "German researchers have discovered that playing little clicking sounds while a person sleeps will help improve their memory. For example, after just one treatment you never forget the night a German researcher played clicking sounds while you tried to sleep."

MEYERS - "Police in New York City arrested a man in Times Square who was dressed up as Cookie Monster after he pushed a 2 year old boy to the ground when his mother didn't tip after taking a picture. Wow. I guess when you're watching him enjoy in a delicious cookie it's easy to forget, he's still a monster."