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BWW Review: The Weather Witch Returns on THE FLASH

BWW Review: The Weather Witch Returns on THE FLASH

This week on The Flash, we get a very Nora-centric episode, the return of Weather Witch, and an idea for a metahuman cure.

At the end of the 100th episode, we left Nora visiting Thawne in Iron Heights in 2049, and this week we pick up right there. Nora confronts Thawne about killing her grandmother and tells him she can't TRUST him anymore. However, there's still the question of what the two of them are actually up to.

Back in 2019, it's Cecile's first day back in court after her maternity leave and she needs BARRY to testify against Joss (Weather Witch). Unfortunately, a car robbery means BARRY has to leave so Nora steps in to testify. A car theft should be easy but Raya, also known as Silver Ghost has hijacked the car's key-fob with a shard from the satellite, creating meta-tech, and allows her to control every vehicle. BARRY tries to stop her but when he tries to phase through the car, the DARK MATTER that has been infused into the car sends him flying and now he can't stop vibrating and phasing. This results in him being locked in a power dampening cell in the pipeline for the next 24 hours, leaving him out of most of the episode.

Fortunately, there's another speedster on Team Flash that can help defeat Silver Ghost and Weather Witch. But Nora is angry. When Nora takes the stand in court, she aggressively goes after Joss even with Cecile and Iris shooting her warning glances. Cecile says she can feel remorse from Joss, and Joss even tells XS, and the court, that she is guilty and deserves to go to prison, but Nora doesn't believe bad people can change and become good.

Meanwhile, Caitlin removes the tiny shards from Cisco's hands that have been preventing him from vibing. With Cisco having been unable to vibe for the last few months, he realizes how much he misses his normal life and not having villains on his back every week, and has the idea for a metahuman cure. Caitlin's not so sure about this because she has recently begun to get along with Killer Frost. Both of them make valid arguments for and against a cure and in the end they agree to work together to create a cure but on the condition that they will never force anyone to take it.

Silver Ghost is still at large with her key-fob meta tech so she decides to kidnap Joss to get her to help break into A.R.G.U.S. Joss is reluctant but eventually agrees. The two of them steal a Wayne-Tech car, a 24-million dollar prototype, and take it for a spin around Central City. This car can do all sorts of things like launching weapons, phasing, and turning invisible. Oh, and it also can't be easily tracked, which makes things more difficult. When Nora and Killer Frost get in front of the car, Nora sends her voice across the radio waves apologizing to Joss for not giving her a SECOND CHANCE and begging Joss to give her one. Joss considers this and ices the road with her weather staff. Thanks to Nora's words and change of heart, the day is saved. Maybe BARRY was right, maybe Nora does have her own Leonard Snart.

Photo Credit: The CW

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