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BWW Review: The Team Learns Why Nora Works with Thawne on THE FLASH

BWW Review: The Team Learns Why Nora Works with Thawne on THE FLASH So now Team Flash knows Nora's secret and they're not happy about it. But how did Eobard Thawne become Nora's mentor and friend in the future? Team Flash reads Nora's journal to find out. In Danielle Panabaker's (who plays Caitlin Snow on the show) directorial debut, we finally get an episode about Nora's backstory.

In 2049, Nora works at CCPD as a CSI just like her dad, who she grew up having never known since THE FLASH vanished. A speedster with white lightning, who calls himself the God of Speed, is running around Central City stealing chemicals and strikes Nora with lightning. The lightning strike knocks out the power dampening chip that Iris put in her and Nora discovers that she is a speedster. Nora decides that in order to catch an evil speedster, she needs to think like one so she goes and visits Thawne in Iron Heights.

Thawne works out that Nora is a speedster but doesn't tell her anything about her powers. Nora confronts Iris about the power dampener but Iris can't give her a good explanation for why she did it, making an already rocky relationship practically non-existent. When Nora and her best friend and coworker, Lia, figure out where Godspeed will hit next, they beat him there but in an effort to stop him from getting the chemicals he needs to create Velocity-9, Godspeed kills Lia making Nora even angrier and vengeful than she already is.

Nora returns to Thawne and demands that he help her defeat Godspeed. Thawne agrees and begins to mentor her like he did with Barry, teaching her how to phase and run up buildings. They work together via coms and bring down Godspeed. Nora wants Thawne to continue to teach her about her powers but his time is running out so he directs Nora to the Time Vault, which contains even more information about THE FLASH than is in THE FLASH Museum, where Nora spends so much of her time and where she learns that Barry Allen, THE FLASH is her father.

Back in the present, Iris lets Nora out of the pipeline and gives her a chance to explain for herself, giving her the SECOND CHANCE Nora gave her. Nora explains that she just wanted to see her dad and crack the unsolved Cicada case, the case neither of them could solve. Barry tells her that he understands why she did it but he still can't trust her anymore and sends her home. Angry and upset, Barry runs back to 2049 to Thawne's cell and yells at him for what he did and tells him that he deserves to be executed for his crimes. But Thawne still has ten minutes on the clock.

Photo Credit: Dean Buscher/The CW

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