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BWW Review: Nora Joins the Rogues on THE FLASH

BWW Review: Nora Joins the Rogues on THE FLASH

Every kid has to go through a rebellious phase, right? Well, this week Nora does just that when she assembles a gang of Flash's previous villains, known as the Young Rogues. The Young Rogues' mission is to steal high tech weapons from McCulloch Technologies to sell on the black market. This means Team Flash has to find Nora, who is hiding in the negative force somewhere in 2019 in Central City.

First stop on the mission is stealing blueprints of McCulloch to formulate a plan then, with the team assembled, it's onto robbing S.T.A.R. Labs. But Barry finds Nora in the Starchives stealing Spencer Young's hypnotizing phone. Barry tries to convince Nora to come home but Nora starts violently vibrating and screams at Barry and continues with her plan and kidnaps Cisco to get him to unlock the phone. Barry tells Iris, Joe, and Cecile what happened between him and Nora but the three of them convince him to try and trust her again.

While, the West-Allens try to figure out Nora's grand plan, Caitlin and Ralph head back to the arctic to try and track down Cicada II. In the lab, they discover that Cisco's prototypes of the metahuman cure are missing. Combining the prototypes with the atomizer that Cicada II stole last week, she can weaponize the cure and kill every metahuman in Central City. Like Cisco said, "This is the nightmare."

With all their materials assembled, the Young Rogues successfully make their way into McCulloch's gala where they are unveiling new weapons. Once they make it past the McCulloch employees, past the meta-dampeners, and to the forge where the weapons are kept, the rogues are quick to turn on Nora unless she reveals the Flash's identity. Some people never change. Nora may be mad at her dad, but she would never reveal his identity.

However, in a great twist, Team Flash is already in THE ROOM disguised as the McCulloch employees that the rogues captured and threatened to kill. With the rogues surrounded, Team Flash takes them out in a fight that ends up with everyone being captured.

In the end, Nora reveals that she was trying to steal a mirror gun, meta tech from the satellite shrapnel that is capable of destroying Cicada II's dagger. Even though this was Thawne's plan, Barry agrees to give it a try because ultimately, he trusts Nora. Barry and Nora end their feud and admit that they both made mistakes and Barry and Iris tell Nora to come home. Now Team Flash has to focus on defeating Cicada II, who elsewhere, continues to work on the atomizer and young Grace remains in a coma.

Photo Credit: Jeff Weddell/The CW

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