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BWW Review: Cicada is Stronger Than Ever On This Week's THE FLASH

BWW Review: Cicada is Stronger Than Ever On This Week's THE FLASH

It has been a few weeks since we've seen Cicada but this week on The Flash, he's back and with a vengeance. Cicada is tired of not being able to see his daughter, Grace, in the hospital, so he starts on a killing spree of former metahuman criminals. Now, obviously, this doesn't sit well with Team Flash so, with Cecile's help, they arrange for other former meta criminals to be moved under federal protection.

When Team Flash goes to stop Cicada from killing his next victim, disaster strikes as so often happens when Team Flash battles Cicada. This time, it's Nora who is Cicada's target. Cicada throws her up in the air and punches her in the back, ultimately breaking it. BARRY rushes to Nora's side but there's nothing he can do right now. Is it a coincidence that Cicada hurt his enemy's daughter when his own daughter is also in the hospital? Unlikely. As if that wasn't enough of a parallel between BARRY and Cicada in one episode, Nora's fate fuels the anger in BARRY and he fights out of anger just like Cicada does.

When Nora wakes up, she panics about being paralyzed and potentially losing her powers and not being able to help people. We can see just how much it pains BARRY and Iris to see their daughter in this condition. However, Caitlin assures them that Nora will be okay but Cicada's DARK MATTER is interfering with her speed healing so it will be a slow process.

Team Flash still has a mission to get the former metas to safety. Unfortunately for Team Flash, Cicada has been tipped off by the corrupt CCPD cop who also gave Cicada the list of meta arrests in the past year. Killer Frost and Elongated Man team up with Amunet's former snake-eyed henchmen, Norvok, who agrees to help. While THE FLASH and Killer Frost battle it out with Cicada on the ground, Elongated Man stretches up to the helicopter and gets all the metas safely into the feds' custody. THE FLASH is just about to kill Cicada but Nora, who has, of course, recovered just in time, arrives on the scene to talk her father down and Cicada gets away.

When she's not, fighting Cicada as Killer Frost, Killer Frost is fighting with Caitlin, who is still working on the metahuman cure. Killer Frost attempts to sabotage her plans since she doesn't want to disappear until, after a heart-to-heart with Ralph of all people, she realizes that Caitlin has no intention of taking the cure. Caitlin and Killer Frost reach an understanding that they are both just trying to protect each other.

The episode ends back in BARRY and Iris's apartment where Nora has just consumed 47 tacos. BARRY admits to Iris that he won't be the same after seeing how badly Nora got hurt. This leads him to come up with a new plan to stop Cicada - appeal to the parent and the heart in Cicada. BARRY realizes he would do anything to save Nora and to exact his revenge on anyone that hurt her because as Iris points out, he's got a big heart. This leads them to decide they have to wake up Grace.

Photo credit: Shane Harvey/The CW

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