BWW Recap: The GIRLS, Adam, and Mimi Rose Howard

GIRLS provided no time lapse for us this week, starting "Sit-In" right where we left off- literally, just moments after opening the door to our newest character (and enemy?) Mimi Rose Howard (COMMUNITY'S GILLIAN JACOBS). With tensions high as ever- Hannah, or any of us for that matter unable to comprehend what is going on, Mimi Rose decides to go out for "a cold pressed juiced". Asking if anyone else wants one, we can't help but roll our eyes even more, and thankfully watch her walk out the door.

Leaving Adam and Hannah alone for the first time post-Iowa, the awaited reunion quickly fails, with Adam confessing, "If I knew you were coming I would of warned you..." Um, what? Did it actually take a month (at most) to completely get over the girl you were in love with?! OH, and to make the situation even better you tell her that her things are in a storage unit, and you and Mimi Rose are now living in the apartment together. I really didn't see this plot twist coming in the SLIGHTEST.

With Hannah soaking these changes in (and trying not to go completely bat-shit crazy), she attempts to put on a mature façade, and decides to spend the next needed hours locked up in her room. Instantly Adam begins trying to reach any of Hannah's friends, leaving calls in desperation for Desi to bring Marnie.

The first to show up, surprising yet then again not surprising at all, is Shoshanna. Once again dressed to impress in an interview ensemble (do we even want to know which number this is?), she quickly runs to Hannah's side with the same support mirrored last week with Ray. At least if her professional life isn't going too well, her personal life is only getting better! Convincing Hannah they must google this 'Mimi Rose Howard', they discover she was a keynote speaker- finding her speech soon after. Claiming she's "not a woman-googling person" Hannah gets over the weirdness of it pretty quickly, immersed in listening to the first time Mimi Rose fell in love.

As Shosh leaves Hannah to her bed, Jessa pops out of the bathroom, and within five minutes of being with Hannah we hate her (almost) as much as Mimi and Adam's relationship. Claiming Adam moved on, we learn Jessa not only knew Mimi- SHE SET HER AND ADAM UP! WHAT? Honestly, the fact that Hannah was able to get over this fact so quickly surprised me entirely, but I guess realizing that being mad at Jessa isn't going to resolve anything stops her thought process. (But I still think Jessa sucks as a friend...if Hannah wants my advice.)

Deciding to come out of her room, Hannah finds two of her not so favorite people-but compared to Mimi and Adam they can be her best friends- Adam's sister Caroline (GABBY HOFFMAN), and Laird (JON GLASER). With Caroline chatting away (as usual), Hannah actually joins in for once, since the topic is about Mimi Rose. Agreeing that she is not the best fit for Adam, Caroline states Adam's type is more of the "profoundly lost", a.k.a Hannah (a.k.a. a back-handed compliment). Ending in THE most awkward hug of all time (pictured above), the night only worsens as we watch Hannah leave a threatening voicemail to Marnie's phone, and pee in her own trashcan. And to top it all off, the "dream apartment" she always talked about with Adam is now renovated, only this time, Mimi Rose is living the fantasy.

Waking up to the sounds of breakfast being made, Ray's apologetic and sincere demeanor take everyone a little bit off-guard. Maybe him and Shosh are in on this together? Realizing they aren't exactly talking about ALL of the same things (Adam isn't just unjust- noise pollution is too!), the two's heart to heart allow us to push aside the skepticism, loving this new Ray even more than we already did.

As Ray leaves, Marnie enters, calling Hannah out on her 'fake shower', and giving her the advice she needed to hear all along. Telling Hannah she needs to let Adam go, that she was the one who left, and that he's trying to be happy are the words that finally get into Hannah' s brain and let her make a reality of the mess she came home to. Realizing her and Adam may not be a forever couple (as disheartening as that may be), Hannah's ready for the face to face interaction with Adam we know is bound to happen in these last five minutes of the episode.

Like clockwork, Hannah's exit is met by Adam's entrance, insisting on re-wrapping Hannah's bacon burns (since Ray's glove isn't the best solution.) As the conversation shifts from small talk to emotions, we finally learn how this new relationship happened so quickly. "You left, and I was sort of relieved". This is it, the break-up speech, and Hannah's tears only make it worse (and maybe I shed one too?!) Responding with "I don't know yet" to Hannah's question of if he loves Mimi Rose Howard, it's official this rollercoaster love saga is coming to a halt. It's not that Adam got over Hannah so fast, but that a part of him was ready to move on longer than any of us ever realized. Having nowhere to go but the storage unit of her belongings, we can't help but wonder what the second half of the season will bring.

Will Mimi Rose Howard become a re-occurring character? Will Marnie and Desi tag along for double dates? What will Hannah do now that she left the Iowa's Writer's Workshop and came home to a turn of events? Is Elijah planning on staying there? And for everyone's sake- will Shoshanna ever land a job!? Write below in the comments, or tweet me at @SamReichstein!

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