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BWW Recap: THE FLASH Celebrates 100 Episodes

BWW Recap: THE FLASH Celebrates 100 Episodes

Happy 100th episode to The Flash! 100 episodes is a huge milestone in the TV industry and I'm happy that THE FLASH made it this far. Like other TV shows, the 100th episode is usually dramatic, nostalgic, and sometimes there's a twist. This week, THE FLASH sticks to this formula as Team Flash has their first real chance to defeat Cicada.

Cicada has been a looming threat over Central City all season and Team Flash has had difficulty finding a way to defeat him but this week, Nora comes up with a plan that might actually succeed. The biggest challenge to Team Flash is that Cicada can drain their powers so they have to stop him from being able to do that. Nora says they need three things: A strong alloy (A piece of Savitar's suit) something to remove DARK MATTER (Zoom's Speed Force transmitter), and an event that can infuse the alloy with DARK MATTER (the particle accelerator explosion).

Nora and BARRY travel back in time to these pivotal moments in The Flash's history and collect the objects they need. BARRY is hesitant to let Nora come along with him to these crazy times in the past out of fear for letting Nora in on things about him that aren't in THE FLASH Museum, but Iris convinces him to take her.

The first stop back in time is The Flash's final battle with Savitar in the Season 3 finale, where Nora collects a shard from his suit. Easy. Then it's back into the Speed Force back to Season 2 when Zoom steals The Flash's speed to get the transmitter Wells developed. But things don't go quite as planned when Zoom comes back into S.T.A.R. Labs' Cortex and chases Nora and BARRY back into the Speed Force. Now things get harder when Nora and BARRY fall out of the Speed Force on the day that BARRY went back in time in Season 2 to get Wells' help. Three Barrys in the same day, what could go wrong? The transmitter breaks during the fall and Nora says they have to go see past Thawne/Wells to get him to fix it since it's his tech. BARRY doesn't like the idea but they don't have another choice. Thawne figures out that it's future-future-Barry and that he brought his daughter but Thawne fixes the transmitter. Then it's off to when THE FLASH became The Flash, the night of the particle accelerator explosion. When the particle accelerator explodes, we get a nice montage of everything that happened that night and the shard of Savitar's suit is infused with Dark Matter. BARRY and Nora plant the dagger dampening device near the hospital and return to the present.

Back in the present all of Team Flash lures Cicada out of the hospital where he is visiting Grace. The dagger dampening device works and Cisco breaches it into space. Unfortunately, Cicada's connection to the dagger is too strong and it comes back. But luckily, Killer Frost, who seems to be immune to the dagger, comes out and forces Cicada to retreat.

And in every 100th episode, there is a twist. This time, the twist is Nora. Since Nora arrived on the scene at the end of last season, no one really knows why she returned from the future to Barry's time. But after running back to the night that her grandmother is killed way back in Season 1, where the BARRY Allen's story began, Nora runs to 2049 where she meets with Thawne, who is locked up in Iron Heights. Now, that's a good twist.

Photo Credit: Jeff Weddell/The CW

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