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BWW Recap - Second Night of Four-Chair Challenge on THE X FACTOR - Episode 8

It's the second night of The X Factor's new round, the Four-Chair Challenge.

Simone Torres sings Sam Cooke classic A Change Is Gonna Come, but Simon hated the arrangement, calling it "so bad, so karaoke." Kelly reassures her, "You still sang the hell out of the song." Demi apparently agrees, because she give Simone a seat. Unfortunately, because Demi filled all four of her chairs last night, Demi has the horrible task of choosing one of her four to send home. Demi chooses to switch out Bree Randall.

Next up is Danielle Geimer. She sings Georgia on My Mind, and it's awesome. Kelly says, "You just sang yo face off, mama!" It's really awkward for Demi because clearly Dani deserves a seat. Needless to say, Demi tells her, "You are in my final four." Time for another switch! Poor Simone Torres is out of her the chair right after she was placed in it, and Danielle is in.

Rylie Brown is next. She sings Angels by Robbie Williams. Kelly doesn't think it was the right song choice, " and Demi calls it "pageant-y," which is funny because Rylie's interest in singing was born from childhood pageant competitions. But Demi continues, "And I'm a pageant girl, so I totally love it," but Demi's still not sure that Rylie's ready for the competition. Rylie is sent home.

Primrose Martin, the daughter of Kool and the Gang's Skip Martin, sings Blame It On the Boogie, and it's all over the place. She's super into her choreography, and her vocals aren't good at all, and she starts getting booed immediately. Kelly is disappointed, saying the performance was "completely different" from Primrose's audition. Paulina was "surprised [she] didn't deliver." Simon was more blunt, calling the performance "beyond awful" and "seriously, seriously dreadful." Then Primrose does two of the worst things that anyone on a talent competition show can do: 1) keep singing after the judges have told you to stop and 2) beg the judges. And the thing is, she does both at the same time! She starts singing at them, asking them to give her another chance. Skip Martin is embarrassed, and hides behind his hands, waiting for it to be over. Demi deems her "too confident" and Primrose is desperate: "I want this as bad as I want air." It's painful to watch. She's obviously sent home.

Rion Paige. Going into 8th grade sings one of my favorite songs, I Won't Let Go by Rascal Flatts, and it's pretty good. Demi says, "I can't let you go, you're in my final four." So a switch must be made, and poor Ashly Williams, who's been looking so nervous she might die this whole episode, is sent home. I'm so sad, I really like her!

Last but not least, Ellona Santiago sings Zedd's Clarity. She adds in lots of runs, and actually sounds like Demi a little bit! Kelly calls her "a beast." Demi isn't sure, and says, "Something's missing. I feel like that star quality isn't there yet." I think she's mostly just worried about who she would give up from her current four, and I'm right, because then Demi says, "I can't see myself letting go of any of them." Simon fights for Ellona, and I agree, she deserves to go through as well. She's begging, and I really hate when they beg. Demi's facing a really tough choice, and Kelly sympathizes, "I know baby, I know. What's your gut telling you?" (I just really love Kelly and Demi's friendship!) After a suspenseful few moments, Demi agrees to put Ellona in her final four! And Jamie Piñeda goes home. I knew it.

Demi's final four for the Girls category are Danielle Geimer, Khaya Cohen, Ellona Santiago, and Rion Paige.

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