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BWW Recap: Dreamer Shows the World That Everyone is Different on SUPERGIRL

BWW Recap: Dreamer Shows the World That Everyone is Different on SUPERGIRL

While a duo of dudebros attack an unsuspecting alien, they're surprised to find Dreamer there to stop them instead of Supergirl. Brainy worries that they'll be caught with masked vigilantes ranking at the top of the DEO's apprehension list.

Dreamer tries to get Kara to don her cape once again, but she insists that the best way she can help aliens is by taking Lex down as Kara. That doesn't stop her from elbowing a mugger without her cape, though.

Kara enlists the help of an AmerTek HR worker to get the files she hopes will link the company to Lex Luthor. Meanwhile, Brainy works on James to discover the root cause of his power outbreaks and figure out a way to stop them - via his dream palace. Lena conducts experiments to figure out what would happen if she removed the Harun-El and the heart exploded.

Brainy unpacks the memories hidden and warped within James, uncovering the fact that he did see his father at his funeral. Alex and Kelly continue moving toward what looks to be a potential relationship.

Kara visits Lena while she pieces together her story on Lex while Lena accuses her of being more interested in the story than their friendship. Ouch.

Dreamer finally gets her chance to shine when a group of Ben Lockwood's followers attempt to round up a group of aliens taking refuge at a bar - all while "American Woman" plays on the jukebox. She takes out a dozen of them with her newly-honed offensive powers that look like a blue taser on steroids.

Lockwood's son shares doubts about his fathers' methods with his mom after seeing his alien friend get outed and almost rounded up. She's clearly been poisoned by her husband's kool-aid as she tells him how proud his dad is that he helped "smoke out the roaches."

James' dream palace is more like a nightmare when he finally recalls that two boys trapped him in a casket and beat him up while his dad's funeral was held. Classy. He works through the memories with the help of his sister and Bainy reports that he's worked through his PTSD, preventing the Harun-El from lashing out. If only it were that easy IRL...

Kara hacked the broadcast system to force an interview with Dreamer to run on every TV, forcing the world to hear from a woman who is part alien and part human. "I'm different, Ms. Danvers, but so is everybody. And I don't know when that became such a bad thing. The greatest gift we can give each other is our authentic selves." She lists how she's different from others - being trans and being part alien - and then she lists things that are relatable to everyone, proving that everyone, no matter their genetic makeup, is the same.

When Dreamer says that she likes nerdy boys who think too much, Brainy asks Lena, "What does love feel like?" Subtle.

Ben Lockwood, charmer that he is, remains unaffected by the broadcast, demanding Dreamer's capture. Alien Affairs (Lockwood and his lackeys), bust through the door accusing Kara and Dreamer of "inciting violence" with their broadcast. Because listing favorite foods and Hogwarts houses on TV is so devious.

Alex cuts the power so they can fight back and escape while Brainy pops in to help dreamer and Kara nonchalantly freezes everything on the DL. James demands Lockwood leave KatCo unless he plans on "rewriting the Constitution." Kara's source at Ameritech offers to go on the record as a whistleblower - inspired by Dreamer's broadcast.

Lena apologizes to Kara, confessing her work with Lex. Kara hugs her, reinforcing that she's not weak and raining down a slew of compliments that would make Leslie Knope blush. If anyone can understand trusting the wrong person, it's Kara. Filled with hope and believing the best in people, she's had her own fair share of manipulations. Lena agrees to help with her investigation on Lex as Lockwood Jr. thrusts Children of Liberty masks at THE WALL and texts his outed friend to offer support.

As Lena and Kara work together to solve Lex's puzzles, they discover that he bought the base in Kasnia. The wife of a family Lockwood tore apart visits his house and kills his wife - the dumbest thing you could possibly do to a power-hungry, vindictive man hell-bent on erasing every species that exist outside of his own. Giving the opposing side a martyr is never a smart move.

Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW

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