BWW Discussion: THE FLASH's Fast-Paced Mid-Season Finale

Last night's mid-season finale of the new smash-hit TV show THE FLASH was one not to be missed. Scott Fullerton and myself, two of BroadwayWorld's TV recappers, had a chance to watch the riveting mid-season finale together and discuss all of the jaw-dropping events via GChat. Here is that conversation:

SF: Okay, Ready when you are............ =) Not sure what I am looking forward to most..... Reverse Flash or Firestorm
GG: Ugh, I know! I've been geeking out about it ALL day.
Oh. This is going to be fun.

(Barry and Joe are at the house decorating the Christmas tree.)

GG: I love their relationship.

SF: yea, a real father/son relationship that doesn't seem forced, fights and all
GG: Exactly.

(Iris enters; Joe leaves. Iris and Barry swap presents early-Barry gives her a replica of her mother's wedding band, Iris gives him a microscope. Eddie comes to the door.)

SF: Am I just cynical in love right now or did he just use the term Bae for her? I hope its just my bad hearing, lol

GG: I really hate that term, so I hope it was bad hearing. :P
SF: I thought it was cute.........the first that everyone has bogarted the term, it's just cheap

(While out together, Eddie lets Iris in on his suspicions about Barry's feelings for her.)

GG: Sure, Iris. Just best friends.
SF: It looks like he might be a good detective after all though, at least he doesn't have to be hit over the head with a clue stick like poor Iris
GG: Ha! I know, right?!

(Caitlin sees someone following her in the parking lot.)

SF: This is going to be Epic!
GG: Here we go...

(Reverse Flash attacks Mercury Labs.)

SF: Is it just me or does Reverse Flash kinda look like the sand people from Star Wars......
GG: Oh my goodness, the likenesses are so there.

SF: As the old guy here, I really love the way special effects have caught up to this series, I loved John Wesley Shipp, but WOW, just the Firestorm effects alone are light years ahead of the old series
GG: As the not old guy, but lover of all things comic books, I have to agree 100%.
SF: And since I dropped a couple Star Wars references, what do you think about the news of Mark Hamill, (Luke SkyWalker) reprising his role from the old series as a new and improved Trickster on this new Flash

SF: And..........Amanda Pays from old Flash joins the new!
GG: :D

(Caitlin and Iris have a little chat.)

GG: I feel so bad for Caitlin.
SF: yea, heart was broken and a big secret you can't really share makes it hard to make new friends
SF: I didn't know she would be able to tell it was him through that, just thought the Burning Man freaked her out
GG: That's what I thought!

GG: I really like the flashbacks in this show.
SF: Me too, very seamless, and they tell the story well and fills in the holes for some non-comic following fans

(Iris visits Barry while he's reviewing his mother's case.)

GG: She's so oblivious it's laughable.
SF: Okay........Here's his big chance.........and...............nothing! dang!
SF: So if one guy gave me a Ring and some guy gave me a Key, I think I know the more romantic of the two
GG: I'm with you on that!

(Barry finds and runs after Reverse Flash)


SF: I know WHAT? So what are your thoughts on Reverse Flash...Harrison Wells? They have tried to play it both ways, alluding to him and then saying it's not

GG: I can see Harrison as Reverse Flash, but I'm not sure how that would pan out for the rest of the season. Having him revealed now would be too early, I think.
SF: I don't think we will get his identity anytime soon, but I just am not sure it's going to turn out to be him, of course I don't trust him, but not sure what his angle is yet

(Barry and Joe visit Dr. McGee to blackmail her into lending them the prototype. Eddie wants to know what's really going on.)

SF: And that's not a way to get on a ladies good side
GG: Haha!
GG: Eddie is getting way too suspicious for my liking.
SF: Wow Grasshopper, the student becomes the wannabee teacher, I dont think Joe is liking future wannabe son-in-law pulling rank with taskforce
GG: Ha! I want to know how that storyline plays out considering Joe's daughter is moving in with him.

(Caitlin and Cisco track down Ronnie.)

SF: Of course one of Cisco's gadgets is able to track Ronnie/Firestorm
GG: Cisco is such a fun character.
SF: I love him, his sense of wonder is just like a super-fan's.......and did Ronnie just come up with his own name and call himself Firestorm....poor Cisco is going to feel bummed he didnt come up with it first
GG: Hahaha!

(Cisco comforts Caitlin about Ronnie.)

GG: This is such a heartbreaking moment.
SF: This is a real emotional episode all around.......I love Cisco being there for Caitlin though
GG: Seriously. This is so well done.

(Barry visits his father in prison.)

SF: Okay, so even the guy in prison knows Barry is in love with Iris and she doesn't have a clue, that's just sad
GG: Right?! Goodness...

SF: What I really like about this show is that where ARROW was a very slow build.......this has been ripping through comic book mythology, well, in a flash, it really has been giving all of us comic book geeks some great stuff
GG:I agree! I think it's a great way to keep us happy while keeping new viewers invested. Personally, I think this is the best comic inspired show in a while.

(Barry confesses his feelings for Iris.)

GG: Oh my goodness.
SF: Uh Oh..............
SF: I don't know if he can take 2 crushing blows in one episode......this could be scary
GG: I need her to SAY SOMETHING.
GG; Barry...
SF: Hello?? Something, give a brother a break and say something at least
GG: I know!

(The STAR Labs crew along with Eddie & Joe set a trap against Reverse Flash.)

SF: Well there we he fast enough to be in 2 places at once??
GG: On the upside (kind of?) we can rule out Wells as Reverse Flash.
GG: This cannot be good...
SF: now that is pretty dang cool
GG: Firestorm just comes in, saves the day, then blasts off. That's pretty wicked cool

SF: I am one of those tv watchers that immediately look at the time when something like that happens, ooooh, we have another scene left, thank goodness!!!
GG: Me too! I was just thinking we only have a few minutes left and I want more!

(Joe finally lets Eddie know that metahumans exist, not alluding to the fact that he knows the identity of the Flash.)
SF: annnnnnnnnd it's time to get Eddie into the loop, but I think that may come back and bite them in the behind
GG: I don't want to agree with you on that, but I do.

(Joe and Barry have a heart-to-heart.)

GG: It's like Jesse L. Martin & Grant Gustin are trying to pull tears from my eyes.
SF: I know right......that was the sappiest, happiest thing I have ever heard!

(Harrison Wells activates the Reverse Flash suit.)

SF: Okay, that was just too much to make me wait a month or so before i get me some more Flash
SF: Is it bad that I wanted the last scene to just be Ronnie knocking on Barry's front door and saying....Sup? LOL
GG: Hahaha!!

SF: Okay, am wrapping my mind around all of per Cisco, older Flash was there chasing Reverse Flash the night Barry's mom was killed??
GG: That's my theory!
GG: Which brings time travel into it which'll be fun.
SF: So grown up Flash was probably the one that put little Barry out safe in the street a block or so away
GG: I'm still trying to process that last scene.
GG: I do NOT want to wait until January.
SF: Right, they have been hinting at faster than light and the treadmill has always been featured prominently so time for some super speedster treadmill time jumping
SF: I am now thinking that you are right on that Wells somehow made or knows who Reverse Flash is, and wants something from him or of him and needs Barry around to keep Reverse Flash in check
SF: I may have to make a few trips to the comic book store to tide me over until second half of the season, lol
SF: Thanks for Riffing with me live over THE FLASH Gigi, look forward to teaming up again for ONCE UPON A TIME
GG: YES! That's another one I can't wait for.
GG: Talk to you soon!

And there you have it, folks! I think I can speak for both Scott and myself when I say January needs to hurry and get here, a flash. If you want to watch the mid-season finale, feel free to visit the website (like I plan to). THE FLASH returns to The CW on January 20 at 8/7c. And since it was mentioned, don't forget about the ONCE UPON A TIME mid-season finale (which Scott and I will be reuniting for) at 8/7 this Sunday on ABC!

Photo Credit: The CW

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