BWW Discussion: It's Almost the End of the World as SLEEPY HOLLOW Knows It

I would have loved to have been in the room when SLEEPY HOLLOW was first pitched to FOX execs. I can only imagine how that conversation went. "So, picture this. It's Ichabod Crane, and it's demons, and it's Benjamin Franklin, and it's witchcraft, and it's cell phones." If a modern-day, evil-battling Ichabod Crane sounds a little zany to you, you're not alone. But now, a season and a half later, this surprise hit is still delivering, culminating in an exciting, if a bit uneven, fall finale that had me and fellow recapper Courtney Henley talking. Check out what we had to say, but beware the spoilers!

Courtney: I...liked it. I didn't love it, but...I liked it.

Kara: I think...Well, not to just cut to the chase here, but I think it ended very abruptly. So abruptly, that I'm not sure I really got to fully appreciate what happened!

Courtney: One reason for the "like but not love" reaction is Katrina's magic. It's always just too convenient for my liking. They'll be in a pickle, and all of a sudden, she knows these zillions of spells to get them out of JUST the pinch they're in.

Kara: Oh, ha, yeah, I definitely agree with that. But a part of me kind of likes the whole...magical aspect just because it adds to the...I don't even know, the whimsical absurdity that is SO this show. But you're right, maybe a little too much deus ex machina going on there.

Courtney: Oh I like the magic, don't get me wrong, I just wish they'd work it into the storyline a bit more during non-demon-fighting times. Like, maybe they could show her off to the side, choosing a book from the shelf Matilda-style or something, just to remind us that, oh right, she's a witch!

Kara: MATILDA-STYLE. Wait. Yes. You are so right. Now I just want a montage of Katrina making breakfast for everybody with some delightful music playing in the background. Fingers crossed for the next half of the season?

She's always got MAGIC to do!

Speaking of the magic and whatnot, can we talk about that whole battle in the woods? I mean, what did we have there, we had undead colonials creepin' through the trees, we had Katrina Crane casting spells, we had Orlando Jones in a hoodie waving a giant sword over his head--that whole scene was just so representative of the show in general wasn't it? Like it was all so silly, and yet it somehow worked? Like you don't even question it anymore!

Courtney: Yeah, no I didn't even question that at ALL. Actually, it didn't even strike me as weird or odd until you just pointed it out. The one thing I did notice though was the little "tis but a flesh wound!" moment when Irving lobbed off the Horseman of War's arm. I approve.

Kara: Oh, you went there didn't you. Well, if any Monty Python fans are reading this, I'm sure you just made them very proud. And since you brought him up, *sniff,* let's talk about Irving.That poor, brave little soldier.

Courtney: The guy's arm was cut off and he kept fighting. How could I NOT go there?! But yes. Irving. RIP, big guy. But wait actually, here's something I don't get...kind of: since Henry owns Irving's soul, and it wasn't in his body when he he actually dead, or...not...really...dead...? Maybe I'm overthinking. Wouldn't be the first time. But does it work like that? I mean there's headless people running around left and right in this city (OK fine, one headless guy, but still), so I feel like it's possible that he's not DEAD dead.

Kara: Well...Hmph. Y'know what, I feel like this is the kind of show where nobody really stays dead. Stranger things have certainly happened, like, um, y'know, the entire basic PLOT. And I hope he's not dead, because I don't think we were really done with him yet. Plus Orlando Jones is just fab. And such a positive force in the fandom in general, it'd be a shame to see him gone for good--oops, I may have just out-geeked myself there.

Courtney: Ok great so he's not dead. Let's just say that. Because then if he's actually NOT dead, oh hey, we called it! And if he is...well, he's not, so we don't need to worry about that.

Kara: Well, glad that's settled. To be honest, I kinda thought Katrina was going to be the one to die...And I'm glad I was wrong, because I think she gets a bad rap.

Courtney: Eh, she's alright. I wanted Henry to die...which sounds terrible, but Ichabod and Katrina were going back and forth about how they would handle him for so long, I kind of wanted to see that decision be made.

Note to all: Ichabod wants one of these.

Kara: Oh no. Not terrible in the slightest. I wanted him to die too. Because I mean really, I'm pretty ready to put this whole Moloch thing to rest. I guess he still could die, we don't really know what happened after he stabbed Moloch, it morbid to say "there's still hope"?

Courtney: No...because that's exactly what I was thinking. Unless we're both morbid. Oh well. Although, if Moloch dies...wouldn't that mean the Horsemen went away...? And then what would happen with...well, basically the entire plot of the show? I mean personally, I'm hoping for a spin-off starring Ichabod and his new motorcycle, but that's just me.

Kara: Yeah, I was going to say, what is Ichabod Crane without his Headless Horseman? And okay, yes, thank you, we've finally reached the most important part of the entire episode, nay, the entire season so far, possibly the entire series, in general: Ichabod and that motorcyle. He's just delightful, isn't he? That's always my favorite part of this show, like Tom Mison is just so perfect in this role. He's so naturally funny, like so good at playing both appalled and amazed by the modern world. So that's my biggest wish for the rest of this season, more of kooky Ichabod adjusting to the 21st century. I want him on Facebook. I want him going on lunch dates to Chipotle.

Courtney: I want to see him order a burrito bowl and comment on Abbie's profile picture.That's perfect. Done. Make it happen.

What did you think of Monday's fall finale? Tweet me @i_got_the_tweet and Courtney @CourtHenley and let us know!

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