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Vanity Fairy Presents New Single 'Angel'


Upcoming EP 'Love From Above' lives in a space of pulsating four-on-the-floor rhythms.

Vanity Fairy Presents New Single 'Angel'

DMY and 0800-MOSHI-MOSHI proudly presents 'Angel', the second single from Vanity Fairy's forthcoming debut E.P, 'Love From Above.'

Vanity Fairy is the creation of songwriter and vocalist Daisy Capri, a vehicle within which she can escape to a world where disco remains Queen. Of this latest offering Daisy says -

"Angel is a song about when you find your special person and it changes your world. It's about the ways people help people to flourish and open up to the world, like the sun opens up a bud into a flower; you feel alive and nourished and up for everything the world has to offer. I'ts about growth and change and happiness".

Upcoming EP 'Love From Above' lives in a space of pulsating four-on-the-floor rhythms, probing Moroder synths and ascendant sugar-sweet strings. It's a place where Capri can be the fictitious Vanity and utilise her shimmering vocal falsetto - previously compared to everyone from Kate Bush to Barry Gibb - to set out on a path towards international pop superstardom.

"My musical tastes skew very much in favour of the 70s and 80s because I love the aesthetic of those eras" she says. "The colours, the music, the clothes. In many ways I wish I'd lived through those years. I feel like I would have fitted in better then; I enjoy imagining an alternate life where I live in those decades."

The EP was put together with her brother and producer Sammy Yamaha in their home studio. The challenge was to re-configure Vanity Fairy's dazzling live shows, which see her alternate between elaborate polyester-blend kaftans, sequin studded blouses and quality hats while constantly moving in frenzied energy. To that end, Capri put up disco lights and plugged in a smoke machine in the studio, while frequently dressing up in her stage clothes for sessions.

Listen to "Angel" here:

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