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VIDEO: Brian Eno and Starmus Create 'Starsounds' Featuring the Music of the Stars

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Today Starmus announces the result of another art-science project involving Dr Israelian, Brian Eno, Paul Franklin, Oliver James and DNEG, the "Starsounds" project.

It is based on Dr. Israelian's lecture "Our Acoustic Universe" published in the book "50 Years of Man in Space" (lectures of Starmus I, 2014). Brian Eno arranged the acoustic waves from Dr. Israelian's library into a new composition by speeding them up so that they could be heard. Then Paul Franklin and Oliver James of DNEG, the world-leading Oscar® winning visual effects studio, created images based on the star waveforms and images of our Sun. "Starsounds", a hypnotic piece with complex harmonies and mesmerising visuals, is being made available on the internet for the first time.

Check out the video below!

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