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Ultra Music Signs BLACK BOOTS For Release Of Debut Single 'Rebels In The Night,' 11/27

Ultra Music, the world's leading independent electronic music label, has announced the newest signing to their already legendary roster: Las Vegas duo BLACK BOOTS. Making their worldwide debut, BLACK BOOTS are releasing their first single "Rebels In The Night" on Tuesday, November 27. The track tells the story of a futuristic journey encompassing a world full of oppression and despair with BLACK BOOTS as the only saviors. "Rebels In The Night" features a cutting-edge combination of impeccable production accompanied by electrifying vocals and lyrics care of the group's Lightknife (production) and Mikey Francis (vocals, production).

BLACK BOOTS co-conspirators Pedi Amiri (a.k.a. Lightknife) and Mikey Francis (formally of Afghan Raiders) first joined forces in the summer of 2011 in a small apartment in the heart of Las Vegas. What started as a simple idea has rapidly evolved into a large-scale effort to give the emerging electronic dance music scene something different-timeless songs with substance, purpose and emotion.

"Signing with Ultra made the most sense for us," says BLACK BOOTS. "It's a big label with an independent spirit that gives us the opportunity to expose our music and vision to the world without compromising our art."

What sets BLACK BOOTS apart in today's electronic music world is their intricate backstory and vision. Imagine a dystopian landscape void of freedom. You can't say what you want. You can't emote how you want. You can't listen to the music you choose. It's an alternate reality ruled by an oppressive government clad in white uniforms and dominating with an iron fist. However, there is a symbol of hope on the horizon.

Enter two musical rebels known only as BLACK BOOTS. They are here for one reason alone, and that is to carry their message to the masses. They come armed with explosive big room anthems, punk rock attitude, orchestral breakdowns and massive pop melodies. They deliver an unforgettable performance. They offer an escape. With revolution in their hearts and on their minds, they're about to stomp right through modern electronic dance music.

"We're building a bridge here," declares Lightknife. "BLACK BOOTS has got an electronic body, but a rock 'n' roll soul. At the same time, the songwriting is genuine and organic. It's written with feeling."

"BLACK BOOTS encourages chaos, sexuality, expression, and independence," affirms Lightknife. "We're freedom, and we're lawless." On the topic of electronic music, he states, "It's not coincidental that dance music has risen to its current point of success. In times like this, people turn to the things that allow them to lose themselves. We aim to fuel that sentiment."

Live, they certainly do. In fact, the onstage experience reflects the larger-than-life story at the core of the music as Mikey sings his heart out and Lightknife orchestrates the production in real-time via midi controllers, sequencers and synthesizers. Mikey elaborates, "We want people to tap back into their primal selves and experience something organic and real. If people walk away from our show with an experience, they'll remember it for the rest of their lives."

Ultimately, BLACK BOOTS are fostering a connection that is as timeless as it is innovative, and this is only the beginning of their story. "We want everyone to walk away with something that affects them emotionally," the two architects agree. It's romantic. It's dangerous. It's energetic. It's new.

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