Slightly Unusual Announces Charity Showcase Event for This Week's 'Revolution Show'

Slightly Unusual Announces Charity Showcase Event for This Week's 'Revolution Show'

Slightly Unusual is one of the most well-known illusion acts in the UK. They have appeared on TV numerous times, and have won several awards, including winning Brit Idol in 2012. Although they operate mainly in the corporate and wedding sectors, they also tour their show throughout the UK, appearing at theaters and holiday parks nationwide.

Over the last few months, Slightly Unusual has been developing a brand new show called "Revolution," staring Samuel Leeds and Kat Stanley. The show has been created from the ground up specifically for Samuel. It combines custom designed grand illusions, stunning sleight of hand, unbelievable stunts, and hilarious comedy.

"We are all very excited about this brand new show," says Russell Leeds, Managing Director of Slightly Unusual Ltd. "It's been several months in the making and Samuel has worked incredibly hard making sure everything has come together," he continues. "Some of the illusions in the show you have to see to believe - the Fire Spiker is beyond awesome!"

The illusion that Mr. Leeds is referring to is called "The Fire Spiker." It's one of the biggest illusions that Slightly Unusual Ltd. owns, and was previously performed on the BBC by TV magician Pete Firman. It involves Samuel being locked in a box and having 8 flaming spikes drilled through him. It's incredibly dangerous but obviously, as with most routines developed by Slightly Unusual, there is a twist!

"We really wanted to showcase Revolution in the best possible way," states Sarah Petty, Support Services Director at Slightly Unusual Ltd. "So we have a arranged a free event on Friday 1st, August 2014, just to showcase Sam and Kat to all of our fans," she continues. "They are going to be performing their full show, all the proceeds are going to charity, and our very own Marketing Director, Craig Petty, will serve as their warm up act!"

Craig Petty is the Marketing Director of Slightly Unusual and an award winning magician in his own right. As well as being part of Slightly Unusual's Mega Illusion show, he is also the current British Magical Society Parlour Magician of the Year. "I'm going to perform some brand new material never seen before," says Craig. "It's going to be a great night, but literally anything could happen!"

The event promises to be really great and more importantly, it's free! Tickets however are limited, and over 100 have already been allocated. You can get tickets reserved by ringing Craig Petty on 07947123967 or visiting