Pop Artist ELI LIEB Wins Over Millions of YouTube Viewers

Eli Lieb's spiritual lifestyle has long guided his life and his music. Originally hailing from Fairfield, Iowa, Eli brought to New York his very own unique flavor of electro-pop music, which garnered the attention of many producers and various labels. Word-of-mouth spread quickly, and Eli's soothing sound caught the attention of over 7.2 million viewers on YouTube. As he has started to establish his fan base, Eli knew that to move forward, he had to go back to his roots.

In between recordings and writing music, Eli is currently back in Iowa, continuing to practice Transcendental Meditation daily-a dedication, which has led him down a very interesting path. Last year, Eli was invited to perform at a fundraiser held by The David Lynch Foundation, which was hosted by Ellen DeGeneres and Russell Brand.

He performed to a crowd of celebrities including Katy Perry alongside James McCartney, the son of the legendary Paul McCartney. The David Lynch Foundation is an organization that implements Transcendental Meditation for at-risk populations such as underserved inner-city students; veterans with PTSD and their families, and more. The organization's Executive Director, Robert Roth, has been a close friend of Eli for many years and has been a meditation instructor to Oprah, Ellen and many more. Last year, Oprah paid a visit to Eli's home town of Fairfield Iowa to speak about the town and its rich history in Transcendental Meditation, which aired on her OWN network earlier this year.

Eli's video for the sensational electro pop ballad "Place of Paradise" debuted on US Weekly's website and has garnered over 200,000 views. He has also become somewhat of a YouTube sensation with covers of Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, Adele, Lana del Rey and Rihanna songs that have millions of views. Check out his brand new cover of Adele's "Skyfall" which has close to 350,000 views in one month as well as the original "Place of Paradise" here:



Eli is currently busy in the studio finishing his second album and yes, deep in meditation!

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