This Friday, music therapist and songwriter Jon Samson presents Ageless: Songs For The Child Archetype, a collection of 12 vibrantly relatable songs to awaken and nourish the child in all of us.

Samson pushes the boundaries of conventional kids music with his multi-layered songs meant to open the hearts and minds of listeners of all ages to a wider array of concepts and creativity. Rooted in indie pop, the music consists of playful and imaginative arrangements which are thoughtful and complex yet deliver a simple message about striving for balance and harmony.

"Like Penguins and Polar Bears, we all have our similarities and differences, but no matter what number our age, the Child within us always remains." says Samson. "When we are childlike we catalyze creativity, playfulness, joy, and enchantment for life. When we are childish, we become less than our best selves. This album is my contribution to exploring and embracing the human condition."

On this unconventional collection, Samson draws from his 15 years experience working one on one with children and adults in music therapy to artfully address the life predicaments we inevitably face. Our world is rapidly changing and often adults fear children are losing innocence at too young an age as they become awake to our society's problems. Samson poses the question: "How do we maintain our childlike spirit through the challenges, problems and predicaments we face in the world and within ourselves?"

This unique album offers a beautiful sensory experience that is full of heart and serves a guiding message to ignite personal growth, positivity and creative expression. The opening track "Predicament" is an unexpected combination of heart wrenching and hopeful as Samson addresses how we maintain a childlike sense of magic and trust in life while simultaneously being aware of what's actually going on in this troubled world.

There is a child friendly recurring theme on the album using penguins and polar bears as a metaphor for duality as on "Bye, Polar Bear" which illustrates our polarities, the distance and difference between our points of view. One of the strongest concepts presented is on "Bubble Earth" which is about perception beyond our individual bubble so we can see the global picture.

Jon Samson designed these songs to deliver different levels of the messages to meet all ages and stages of development where they are at. For example with "Love Is Not A Race," a blend of folk and reggae with lush harmonies, smaller kids will learn about showing others you care and to slow down. For the older teens and beyond, this song is really about setting healthy boundaries, a reminder to go at your own pace, and that we all require community in order to survive.

On "Magic Potion Ocean," a sweet song Samson wrote for one of his special needs clients named Ocean, he promotes a foundational principle of creative arts therapy: "you can't get it wrong" meaning that when it comes to feelings, expression and authenticity, there are no mistakes, only opportunities to play, share and grow. Another strong theme of the album is the concept of focus: "Focus On What You Want" reminds us that while it's important to be aware of what's going on in the world, it's even more important to focus on what we do want than what we don't want. "Focus On Add" advocates to nurture the innate interests, gifts and abilities of children, instead of telling them to focus on things for which they're not inherently wired, and "Focus On This Moment" celebrates the here and now.

Ageless will be available August 30 at Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and anywhere parents are searching for inspiring music. Preorder today at

Jon Samson MA MTBC is a board certified music therapist and multi award winning artist and producer. As a music therapist he runs a private practice in Brooklyn, NY where he facilitates creativity, expression and self-esteem for all ages. He has been interviewed on Sirius XM Doctor Radio and has guest lectured at Columbia University, NYU as well as other higher education facilities. As an artist and producer, he has self produced 6 full length kids albums, has taken first place twice in the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) for Children's Music, and has been awarded a John Lennon Grand Prize for his original song "Clean It Up". His 2014 release, A New Kids Album received a Parents Gold Choice Award. He has also produced music for Sesame Workshop and Sounds True audio programs by Andrew Harvey and Caroline Myss. Press accolades include Time For Kids, Parenting Magazine, Time Out New York Kids, The New York Times, and New York Post.

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