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JoAnna Michelle Releases Epic 'Too Sophisticated' Music Video & Charts #1 Billboard Breakout Spot

Teen pop star JoAnna Michelle went straight to the #1 spot this week on the Billboard Breakout Club Play chart with "Too Sophisticated." This monumental breakout comes on the heels of JoAnna releasing a tour de force music video for the new dance single. "Wow! I am blown away that "Too Sophisticated" landed as the #1 Breakout song this week, states JoAnna Michelle, regarding her very first Billboard charting single. "I definitely am grateful to all of the DJs playing my song and for the fans support so far. Thank you! You guys rock!"

The "diva-luscious" singer JoAnna, bursts onto the scene in "Too Sophisticated" with her swarm of chic dancers, to put the kibosh on all the evil haters hiding behind smartphones and computer screens. Delivering a message that there is no time to waste on Internet trolls prowling and bullying innocent people on social media, JoAnna slays the jealous squares. Singing, shopping, dancing, and journeying to high-class locales with an entourage and glam squad in tow, JoAnna showcases what should be focused on: real friends, good times, and positive energy to drown out the jealous and hateful words from cyberbullies and negative people.

"I came up with the concept for a song to fight back against a lot of the online hate I was experiencing-that's how 'Too Sophisticated' was born," states JoAnna Michelle. "The world now has way too many internet trolls and haters that will not speak to your face, but they will put up a ruthless Snapchat entry, Facebook post, or fake newsy gossip article. I am done with it all! They need to be stopped!"

In the "Too Sophisticated" cinematic short, JoAnna and her friends are immersed in the finer things of life and travel via a private jet to glamorous spots such as Beverly Hills, Scottsdale, and the Las Vegas strip. Combatting frenemies, snaky gawkers, and nasty paparazzi along the way, JoAnna Michelle uses her super powers to blow up the perpetrators' smart phones, thus ending their ingenuous online harassment with magical and fiery explosions.

Dancing to choreographed hip-hop, the illustrious JoAnna and her bevy of dancers rule the scene wherever they go-destroying the venomous monsters. Heroically, JoAnna drowns the haters by ignoring them and celebrating her own style, her friends, and the good life. In the end, JoAnna rules victorious over her drowned and silenced culprits.

JoAnna wants everyone to know, "The drowned kids are still alive. No haters or trolls were actually harmed during the making of this video!"

Watch the official "Too Sophisticated" music video on YouTube now.

The "Too Sophisticated" music video is directed by Martin Diamond and Mike Wittmers from Vuria Creative. The song was written and produced by Marty and Kim Bowie, along with additional production by Josh Harris. The dance remix package is produced by Jimmy D Robinson, and features mixes from Grammy winner Dave Audé, Dirty Werk, Moto Blanco, Dave Matthias, DJ Globvibes, Kyodee, Roger Grey, and Edson Pride. The "Too Sophisticated" single and remix package is currently being promoted to radio and club DJs by Loren Chaidez Promotions. Watch the Dave Audé remix music video here.

Purchase your copy of "Too Sophisticated" online today.

ABOUT JOANNA MICHELLE JoAnna is a rare breath of musical and performance authenticity in today's over-produced, hyper-digitized music scene. A native of Wichita, Kansas, she spent the majority of her childhood studying and emulating hundreds of artists of both past and present generations, appreciating and "sponging" everything from southern rock to hip hop, country/western to pop, rock to rap, and everything in between. Having started ballet and tap lessons at the age of four, it soon became very clear that music, dance and performance are her passions. As early as first grade, JoAnna began piano lessons, and has since become a true multi-instrumentalist - proficient at drums, guitar, keyboards, and vocals. While developing her musical abilities, she has also continued to pursue dance studies, focusing on hip hop, ballet, modern, jazz, and tap. After years of studying and emulating others, JoAnna has found her own voice, and made her worldwide debut in 2016 with her break-through single, "My Snap Story." Her second single "Entourage (I Am My Own)" was released in October of 2016. The inspiration for "Entourage" was the recent experiences while breaking into the music industry. She plays the drums on the "Entourage" track as well as lead vocals. JoAnna loves to be on stage performing in front of people, connecting with her audience and fans. This up and coming young artist is excited to begin her musical journey, and take you along for the ride. Stay tuned.

For more information on JoAnna Michelle and her upcoming performances, please visit her website.

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