Hip-Hop Pays Tribute to the People of Ferguson with New 'Dear America' Video

Hip-Hop Pays Tribute to the People of Ferguson with New 'Dear America' Video

Hip-Hop Fusion band Area 301, a local band from Prince Georges' County, MD released their new video for their song, "Dear America," a letter to our beloved country that conveys a very powerful message - "We, the people, are losing our constitutional rights."

Police brutality towards civilians is an injustice that should be unthinkable in America. "Area 301's expanded single and emotional new video for "Dear America" is meant to provoke discussion that we need to grow as a society and engage real change with law enforcement, neighborhoods and how we carry ourselves as human beings," said Area 301 bass player Mike Caprara.

"Ferguson is much bigger than a black and white issue. It's about the growing police state, the hurting of civil liberties, and the militarism of local police force. Police are becoming more forceful and instead of upholding the law, they are acting as though they're above it. It's like we've gone backwards 40 years," says J-Mackie, songwriter and member of Area 301.

The gritty video, produced by Director FraserFraze of Fighter Fish Productions, begins with the captured audio of the fatal shots and uses explicit photographs from the Ferguson protests and riots to tell the story of a town that was simply fed up. It paints a graphic account and shows the raw emotion of what the people of Ferguson have been going through while protesting the shooting of teen Michael Brown. It's a vivid example of what happens when we still feel bullied and constrained by the justice system and Area 301, hopes it becomes the anthem for those against police brutality. As the song says, "I know your highs, I've seen your lows, stressed out, can you hear me America?"

The Dear America video can be viewed at https://vimeo.com/104784504. The song is also available for download on Reverbnation. Additional information on Area 301 may be found at http://www.area-301.com.

ABOUT Area 301
Area 301 is a conscious, hip-hop, rock band that brings together a multitude of music genres to create a live experience that takes you on a lyrical journey. Whether it's through the smooth melodies of R&B, the deep street rhymes of hip-hop, or the edgy 'in your face' sounds of rock, each song relays their personal stories and the ultimate inspiration for their music. Band members include: Mark Brown (Drums), Big Mike (Bass), Jeff Marsh (lead guitar), Linwood Battle, Jr. (keyboard) and vocalists, Jumaane, Fatts, J-Mackie, Tricky Nicky Scarfo, and Lady G. http://www.area-301.com.