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Harold O'Neal Presents 'Once Upon A Time,' Out Jan. 24

Harold O'Neal Presents 'Once Upon A Time,' Out Jan. 24

The critically acclaimed pianist and composer, Harold O'Neal introduces his new album, 'Once Upon A Time' on January 24, 2020.

O'Neal's original compositions comprise of magical and inspirational adventures -- each one telling a different story, following on from the next, and taking the listener on an enriching and engaging journey she'll never forget. The tales are inspired by O'Neal's work with Walt Disney Studios and, more recent still, Steven Spielberg's West Side Story. As with his last album -- Piano Cinema -- O'Neal creates entire landscapes, worlds, and characters through his unique and inspiring musical gift.

O'Neal knows the importance of imagination and of daring to dream big. He grew up in some of the roughest neighborhoods in Kansas City, where he even survived near death experiences. The music and animation and film were his safe haven: His motivation, purpose and his energy. Just as it was for Walt Disney, all those years ago.

'I remember everyday on the way to school we'd pass by Walt Disney's old studio. It was an amazing feeling that kept me feeling motivated. Kansas City was a hard -- but also inspiring time for Disney. Just like it was for me'

It is no coincidence that Walt Disney found inspiration for Mickey Mouse, while living in Kansas City, a lively hub of jazz stationed at a fast-flowing American intersection.

'Music always took me to another world. A world that was real, yet ambitious. Full of magic and wonder.'

In 'Once Upon A Time', each instrument, ranging from oboes and Rhodes to cellos and guitars, is a character in its own right, on a quest to discover what the world has in store for him or her. But, of course, it's the listener who decides what the story means -- what the future holds.

'Imagine, a world where a kid can grow up, coming from anywhere, and feel like they can achieve anything they can dream. That's what I want this album to mean for them, the children of the world, whether old or young.' "

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