Guitarmonk Records Launches The I-Diva Project from Italy

Guitarmonk Records Launches The I-Diva Project from Italy

What happens when a soprano falls in love with a jazz player? Yes, they may have different musical orientations but with passion and dedication to their very own music they're now heading towards one direction. One couple from Italy thought of using their voice and expertise in bridging the gap between the old and modern music to give a different approach to the tune of the modern generation. They wanted to make something out of the ordinary by breaking the mediocre subsistence of common musicianship. And so, the I-Diva Project was born.

Seeing that their passion and dynamism is parallel to Guitarmonk's aim of revolutionizing music, the pair was warmly welcomed by Guitarmonk Records - India and its community.

Gianpiero Lo Bello and his wife, Elisabetta Isola experimented on arranging melodies from great composers since the 17th century to make it more appealing and closer to the musical taste of the present day audience. They combined Elisabetta's soprano voice and Gianpiero's knowledge in trumpets as well as jazz music. Their album also shows their fondness for back tracks.

The I-Diva Project aims to be a performing and educational opportunity to stimulate and appreciate the musical competencies and to enliven the once neglected repertoires. And coming from different background, classical and jazz, they were able to break down the barriers and overcome the gap between different genres. Each track is a display of bravura that enables the different facets of music and establishes itself as an art form with a cultural and educational heritage.

Jazz musician, Gianpiero Lo Bello has a postgraduate degree in Classical Trumpet, Jazz Music and Trumpet Teaching. Aside from performing, he also teaches regularly in public and private schools.

He is currently working on three projects: Phronesis Trio (baroque repertoire for Soprano, Trumpet and Organ/String Orchestra), G.LoB 4tet "11" (original compositions for jazz quartet) and the I-Diva Project - A Voice Between Art and Technology (computer elaborations of Music History's masterworks).

Soprano Elisabetta Isola achieved a first level Academic Diploma from Genoa Conservatory and is now currently mentored by Turin Conservatory's former Singing Teacher Elio Battaglia. Her exposure is mainly on German, French and Spanish Chamber Music. She has won in prestigious competitions and also has landed a recording contract with Maia Records.

To see more of their artistry, check for more details on how you can also enjoy the I-Diva Project in partnership with Guitarmonk.