Ciel Rouge Resurfaces THE FASHION STATEMENT to Promote Upcoming LP, 12/16

Ciel Rouge Resurfaces THE FASHION STATEMENT to Promote Upcoming LP, 12/16

Ciel Rouge is resurfacing his album "The Fashion Statement" to promote his up-coming LP.

New Orleans native Ciel Rouge is a talented young artist living the ultimate life of a musician. His artistic versatility combined with his passion for music sets him apart from the crowd. His main aspiration? To make sure that the sounds he produces break artistic barriers and shatter the norms of today's music industry.

Ciel Rouge was lucky enough to realize his dreams and ambitions early on in life. At the age of fourteen, he began to perfect his craft - studying musical engineering and visual arts underneath the tutelage of some of the best teachers that the Crescent City had to offer. With creativity and an eye for the visually dramatic, Ciel Rouge used his imagination to craft the music and stylistic videos that have become known as his trademarks. His latest album, appropriately titled, The Fashion Statement, was not manufactured in a typical, run-of-the-mill studio but was instead crafted in the artistic sanctum of his bedroom. Rouge poured himself into this album, formulating beats and complex lyrics with an artistic urgency and fluidity.

Ciel Rouge's hard work and unfaltering dedication to music drive him to create original and engaging music that shakes the listener and transports him or her into a world of bustling creativity. Even though there is a street-wise, dark edge to his music, a deeper listen reveals a sensitive and brooding artist with a unique perception of the world and the people who dwell within it.

Ultimately, Ciel Rouge's music is a fierce and refreshing blend of genres that becomes more than just random lyrics strung together with typical beats. His music defies this stereotype and is constructed as a unique form of art that transcends the mundane expectations of music. Ciel Rouge is the ultimate definition of an avant-garde jack-of-all-trades. He's not simply a rapper, producer, or videographer but an artist who encompasses all of these capabilities. He has an extraordinary vision - one that he hopes to communicate to the world through his music

The Fashion Statement is available for free digital download here.