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ÜLLO WINE PURIFIER is a Top Item for Wine Lovers

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ÜLLO WINE PURIFIER is a Top Item for Wine Lovers

The Üllo Wine Purifier is a revolutionary new item for wine lovers. Founder, James Kornacki has created a sleek, compact filter and purifier for red and white wines that removes sulfites and also aerates wine. The filter is very useful for people who experience the negative effects of sulfite sensitivity.

Sulfites are often added to wine by winemakers to act as a preservative. There are wine drinkers who believe that the addition of sulfites has a negative effect on the taste of their wine and even some wine producers have agreed that that very high amounts of sulfites can affect the flavor profile and color of wine. Ullo purifies wine using a porous, food-grade polymer filter to selectively remove sulfites, while allowing the other compounds in the wine to flow through unaffected.

The Üllo Wine Purifier design (made from BPA-free materials) is designed to fit perfectly on top of a wide variety of wine glasses so it is easy to pour your wine through the filter into a glass, carafe or a decanter. The on/off aerator allows you to breathe life into reds, or maintain the balance of whites to suit your preference. Now, wine-drinkers can enjoy a smoother taste to their wines without sulfites and sediments.

Üllo Wine Purifier is available at select retailers that include Crate and Barrel and Bloomingdale's and e-retailers like Amazon. With the holiday season on the way, it is ideal for entertaining or gifting. The Purifier starts at $79.99, with additional accessories such as their beautiful decanters, carafes and wine glasses to pair with the Purifier.

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