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New Bonbons for Vegans and Animal-Lovers

Eat Save Love Bites is the name of the newest Rescue Chocolate bonbon collection, representatives from the charity-focused company announced recently.

It has been several years since the vegan chocolate company introduced a new collection. Their popular Bow Wow Bon Bons and Wild At Heart truffles have not been available for several months.

Rescue Chocolate founder and owner Sarah Gross predicted the new Bites will appeal to an increasingly sophisticated chocolate-buying public.

"Rescue Chocolate will be four years old in January," Gross noted. "We're still all about the mission with a fun twist, but we've definitely grown up. So it was time to take a mature turn with some of the flavors.

"The coconut rum gives you a blissful warmth," she continued, "while the coffee cardamom is a deep jolting zing!"

Rounding out the flavors in the new collection are hazelnut cream and gingerbread chocolate squares.

As with all of Rescue Chocolate's products, the Bites are vegan, kosher, handcrafted in Brooklyn, and contain organic and fairly-traded cacao. In addition to the bonbons, the company offers seven flavors of chocolate bars and three kinds of energy bars.

While Rescue Chocolate goods are only for humans to enjoy, the company is so-named because it donates profits to various animal rescue organizations around the country. Such groups as Neighborhood Cats, Red Rover, and Adopt-a-Boxer Rescue have received contributions.

The company also tries to help the animals indirectly by educating consumers about various animal rescue issues, on its website as well as on its labeling.

For example, there are bars called Peanut Butter Pit Bull (which aims to rehabilitate the image of this misunderstood breed), Pick Me! Pepper (urging people to pick out their next four-legged companion at a shelter rather than a pet store), Foster-iffic Peppermint (pointing out the benefits of fostering a homeless animal even if one can't ultimately adopt), The Fix (emphasizing the importance of spaying and neutering), and Mission Feral Fig (highlighting the humane management of feral cat colonies).

Eat Save Love Bites drives many of these points home, and pays particular attention to the plight of dogs in puppy mills.

"Most of the dogs for sale in pet stores have come from puppy mills," Gross said. "We all know how horrendous conditions are in those places. So we're trying to get people to fall in love at an animal shelter instead, and ultimately put the mills out of business."

The Bites come in 8-piece and 18-piece gift boxes, retailing for $15 and $34 respectively.

Rescue Chocolate products are available at upscale retail outlets and online at

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