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Marina's Menu and Lifestyle: FALL FOR HEALTHY HABITS

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Fall for Healthy Habits

Marina's Menu and Lifestyle: FALL FOR HEALTHY HABITS

Staying healthy is on everybody's mind these days, and good nutritional habits play an important role in feeling good. You can make some simple adjustments to your routine to be at your very best. Check out these tips!

Eat frequent small meals - Even when you are having a busy time, avoid that one big evening meal. Enjoy three smaller meals well spaced that includes a breakfast to power up your day. Good digestion relies on eating regularly.

Change your snack habits - Do you like seaweed snacks or kale chips? There are a lot of snacks you can purchase (and ones you can make) that are high fiber, low calorie and vitamin rich, yet satisfy your urge for an afternoon snack.

Explore seasonal fruits and veggies - The autumn season is a good harvest time for all types of squash, beets, peppers, carrots, celery, pears, apples, and grapes. The prices should be better in the fall for these and many more. Discover new recipes that use them and order dishes at restaurants that include them.

Hydrate creatively - Flavored waters and sparkling beverages add no calories, but offer nice, refreshing taste. Add a twist of lemon or lime to your beverages to make them feel special.

Find out more about the menu when eating out - When you dine out, ask questions and make requests. Servers are happy to assist you with special dietary choices. You might want to inquire about low fat ingredients, ask to hold the salt, or request that food not be prepared too spicy.

Roast instead of deep fry - If you love the crunchy texture that you get when frying consider oven roasting. You will use far less oil and find foods like potatoes and chicken to be of a pleasing quality. This even works for frozen foods that give you an oven or pan fry option.

Know before you go - Eateries with more than 20 locations are required by law to post calorie counts on their menus. Chain restaurants also have information about menu items on their web sites so that you can learn more about your favorites.

It's all about taking good care of yourself, the people in your orbit, and staying well!

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