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Florida Grapefruit, Celeb Chef Fulfill America's Top Culinary Desires

Armed with insights from a savvy celebrity chef, a home kitchen is the perfect place for a new taste adventure especially for people seeking new culinary experiences as they approach retirement or adjust to a household without children.

Although they chase excitement while transitioning to a different life stage, many Americans ages 45-64 feel hesitant to kick off a new food adventure on their own, according to a new survey commissioned by Florida Grapefruit in fall 2013.

Florida Grapefruit is helping Americans overcome their culinary fears as uncovered through the survey, including confusion about accessing and using trendy new ingredients, plus the perception of not having enough time to try new recipes.

As part of a new collaboration with Chef Aarti Sequeira, host of Cooking Channel's "Taste in Translation" and Season 6 "The Next Food Network Star" winner, Florida Grapefruit is supporting home chefs in their exploration of global flavors with simple, step-by-step exotic recipes.

With Aarti's new recipes, Americans can bring zing to their tables, whether that's adopting Mediterranean influence at home with a new seafood dish or creating meals with unexpected, of-the-moment ingredients. Each zesty recipe features staple ingredients of 100 percent Florida grapefruit and grapefruit juice, a favorite beverage among survey participants.[1]

"Strong, exciting flavors have my heart!Having grown up overseas, I'm always on the lookout for new, unusual ingredients that add a little zing to my dishes," Sequeira said. "With its characteristic sweet and tangy taste, the magnificent grapefruit and its juice are both bold and delightful additions to my flavor arsenal, whether I'm whipping up drinks, entrees or dessert."

Florida Grapefruit's national survey revealed Americans are looking for adventure, sophistication and new experiences. Based on the findings, Florida Grapefruit compiled a list of the top-five culinary adventures on home cooks' wish lists:

  1. Spice up everyday meals with trendy, of-the-moment ingredients.
  2. Add sophistication to beverages by using fresh herbs in unusual ways.
  3. Create an exciting new dessert by pairing unexpected flavors, such as smokiness and Middle Eastern influence.
  4. Adopt a Mediterranean flair by exploring the tastes, culture and ethnic flavors of this region in home kitchens.
  5. Add an exotic twist to favorite cuisines with a fusion of two favorite globally-inspired dishes.

Aarti will share her zingy recipes corresponding to these adventures every two weeks on the Florida Grapefruit Facebook page, with her first recipe being released today. "Kale and Grapefruit Salad with Warm Bacon-Wild Mushroom Dressing" helps Americans turn any weekday into a special occasion. Her salad serves an explosion of sophisticated flavors and textures from crunchy hazelnuts to thick-cut bacon.

Focusing on bold, international flavors is a priority for many Americans the Florida Grapefruit study also found that:

  • Nearly 70 percent view tasting or trying new ethnic foods, recipes or other culture's dishes as an important culinary activity.
  • When trying a new dish, nearly half are influenced by their favorite cookbook, author, celebrity chef or TV show.
  • Almost half ranked "sweet" as one of their favorite flavors, lending itself well to dishes featuring sweet and tangy Florida grapefruit and its juice.

Visitors to the "Taste a World of Zing" tab on Florida Grapefruit Facebook can access the newest diverse and delicious recipes from Aarti, plus learn more about the top five culinary adventures and the health benefits of 100 percent Florida grapefruit and grapefruit juice.

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