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Flutist Andrea Brachfeld & Insight to Release New Album, 'Evolution'

The record is set to premiere on May 20th.

Flutist Andrea Brachfeld & Insight to Release New Album, 'Evolution'

Flutist, spoken word artist, and performer Andrea Brachfeld is set to release a new album inspired by giving back to children, Evolution, with Insight, which includes musicians Bill O'Connell and Harvie S, and Jason Tiemann. The release is set for May 20th. A portion of the album's proceeds will be donated to a designated children's organization.

Brachfeld discusses the inspiration for the album, stating, "When I began this project my intention was to create a social justice record. As I searched inside of myself for a theme that resonated with who I was, helping children came through. Then I composed the poem "Children of the Earth." This was written about six weeks before the pandemic happened and seemed to have elements of premonition in it. I also asked the poet laureate of jersey city to recite the poem but he overslept and didn't make the rehearsal so I reluctantly recited the spoken word. So interesting how events can perpetuate a significant change in our lives!"

She continues, "Then I did some research to see which children's populations were in the most dire need so the Native Americans, the children of the Middle East, Africans, and Guatemalans were targeted in different songs. When the pandemic hit, the recording ceased but the ideas did not. By February 2021, the project took a new turn and the new original compositions took on a different flavor reflecting the chaos we were in externally and internally.

"I tried to incorporate different cultural elements into that music to keep my theme of children in need intact. When I decided to put the record out I was in a mini dilemma as to what to call the project to reflect these two themes. Evolution came to mind citing the evolution of the music as well as the evolution of our world. Lastly my intention is to donate a portion of the proceeds to an organization who supports the well being of our children on the planet. Each song on the recording is like part of a journey in my life. The project came together in a very organic way even though it took a couple of years to really crystallize."


ANDREA BRACHFELD: C flute, alto flute, spoken word, Colombian clay flute, African wood flute, kalimba

BILL O'CONNELL: piano - Grammy® Nominee this year

HARVIE S: bass

JASON TIEMANN: drums, percussion

Upcoming Performances:

Part of the institute of jazz studies

15 Washington St.

Newark, NJ

July 13th - South Hampton Jazz Festival

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