Primary School Student Presents Science Fiction Book

Primary School Student Presents Science Fiction Book


Reading about the illuminati and other secret societies sparked author Mohammed Rafayet Hossain Rime's curiosity as a young boy. Thus, after hearing a piece of news that an anonymous evil society has convinced tons of people to infiltrate the internet, Rime realized that he can write an adventure book about the topic. He now introduces "Maniac In Blue (M.I.B.)," a heroic adventure novel.

"Maniac In Blue (M.I.B.)" tells the story of Ban-Man, a humble maniac with many hopes and dreams. Ban-Man accidentally divulges a deep secret he is not supposed to share. Now, he has to stop the secret from reaching a wicked professor, Larvoger. After defeating Larvoger, the Demoncar let a spark out of him and affected Joney Loansoney. Now, it's up to Ban-Man to save the day.

In his first novel, Rime weaves together fantasy and action into a captivating tale portraying a young hero determined to save the world at all costs. A book for both young and adult readers, "Maniac In Blue (M.I.B.)" emphasizes the importance of having dreams in life and doing everything to turn them into reality.

Displaying remarkable courage and strength, Ban-Man will win readers' admiration as he fulfills his mission to society. Rime believes that like Ban-Man, everyone can do great things for the world. His novel serves to inspire a spirit of unity among people to work together and make the world a better place.

Author Rime wishes to donate some money to the Autism Society ( for each book that will be sold.

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About the Author

Mohammed Rafayet Hossain Rime was born in Bangladesh in December 2003. He moved to Singapore in December 2007 with his family. He is a student of Primary 5 (Standard 5) of Unity Primary School in Singapore. He loves to play online games and watch cartoons when he has the time. He also loves to write stories in his diary when time permits. Rime started writing stories and drawing cartoons on paper since he was in Primary 1 (Standard 1).

Maniac In Blue (M.I.B.) * by Mohammed Rafayet Hossain Rime
Publication Date: April 15, 2014
Trade Paperback; AU$19.99; 64 pages; 9781493135769
Trade Hardback; AU$39.99; 64 pages; 9781499000023
e-book; AU$4.25; 9781493135776

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