Jarvis' New Read THE WANDERER Released This August

Jarvis' New Read THE WANDERER Released This August

An obscure writer disappears, a typescript is found. Is it fiction, perhaps the author's last novel, or something far stranger? A weird tale: of cursed immortals, aeon-stalked by a being of demonic cruelty; of a dread, eldritch realm, which, at certain liminal sites, abuts this world.

Publishing in August 2014 on Perfect Edge Books (imprint of John Hunt Publishing Ltd), The Wanderer by Timothy James Jarvis

After obscure author of strange stories, Simon Peterkin, vanishes in bizarre circumstances, a typescript, of a text entitled, 'The Wanderer', is found in his flat.

'The Wanderer' is a weird document. On a dying Earth, in the far-flung future, a man, an immortal, types the tale of his aeon-long life as prey, as a hunted man; he tells of his quitting the Himalayas, his sanctuary for thousands of years, to return to his birthplace, London, to write the memoirs; and writes, also, of the night he learned he was cursed with life without cease, an evening in a pub in that city, early in the twenty-first century, a gathering to tell of eldritch experiences undergone.

Is 'The Wanderer' a fiction, perhaps Peterkin's last novel, or something far stranger? Perhaps more 'account' than 'story'?

A fiendishly wrought labyrinth of tales within tales, opening out from the most intimate horrors into aeons of desolation, wonderfully written and devilishly compelling. - Hal Duncan, author of 'Vellum' and 'Ink'

Author: Timothy J. Jarvis is a writer and scholar with an interest in the antic, the weird. He currently lives in London. He has studied Creative Writing at undergraduate, Master's, and PhD level, at Warwick University, UEA, and Glasgow University, respectively, and has published short fiction in a variety of venues. In 2012, he was shortlisted for the Lightship International Short Fiction Prize. He is also a part-time lecturer in Creative Writing and English Literature.